24th Oct 2018 06:17pm
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Jeez, my last full day already! These two weeks have flown by far too quickly.

Breakfast was really nice, scrambled eggs on toast (coated in Marmite), then we got ready for Church. Church was fun again. Got back and had dinner, which was beef and rice-n-peas, cauliflower and roasties. A different mixture of things, but it worked and was absolutely lovely.

The sun was shining, so after a heavy lunch, we had a nice chill in the garden. Relaxed until about 6pm then went out for a long walk down the seafront.

Passed 7 'triggers' with no quarms at all (Pier, Wetherspoon, Knightstone Island, Knightstone Island/Marine Lake Causeway, Marine Lake, Ellas and the chippy). I now feel comfy passing these places with no issue, especially with how well I did yesterday. Although, as advised, I won't be passing them on my own so soon in my recovery as I won't have the support surrounding me, although I know I won't relapse as I've tried so hard to get this far and don't want to fudge it all up.

We got back around 7:10pm and now feeling proper tired - that sea air really takes it out of you. Some of the others are back from their external meetings now so a light meal is now being prepared - rhubarb and custard or a feta cheese salad, think I will go for a salad, just something light. Finished my salad, had a few coffees and ciggies, then headed off to bed. Home time tomorrow. :(

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