24th Oct 2018 05:41pm
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Well, Friday, it did not start the best. I woke up four times during the night pissing myself (not laughing, but urinating), so I am glad I still have enough adult nappies to hand. So due to the interrupted sleep, I did end up accidentally missing the morning meeting by 15 minutes.

After breakfast we headed to the Centre to start the day with a P&D session - what a session to start the day on. As usual, it was very deep and as it was to be my last one, I opened up even more about a certain point within my life that I felt I put myself in danger and, still to this day, I feel great shame over. I felt a fair bit of comfort after getting the proper details out within the group.

After P&D, we had an AA session with a staff member who never fails to make me smile - he has that perfect combination of seriousness and humour. We read through a few pages and analysed them within the group.

Then came lunch, and as it's Friday, we had wraps instead of sandwiches. Then we had a visit from a few speakers from AA who told us of their stories and many of us were able to relate back to them what they had spoken about - which really does go to show that no matter which addiction you have, we can all relate in various ways to them.

After that session, I was taken to the cashpoint by a staff member as I did end up going over my 'allowance' by a little bit, so settled that.

Upon returning the next session was about to begin... 'Dance Therapy'.

Now, if you know me personally, you will know that I can't dance, so this was going to be a shocker for me. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We had a laptop with YouTube open, hooked up to some speakers, played various songs and had to do whatever 'action/move' a nominated other was doing. I did at one point end up pulling the muscle in my left leg (I seem to be unintentionally damaging myself quite a fair bit whilst in here).

The choice of song came around to me, so whilst all the others had picked things like Beyonce and other modern music, I chose Rednex - Cotton Eyed Joe. And what dance move did I choose that all the others (including the staff that were present) had to do for 30 seconds? Yes, the 'slut drop'. We were all laughing so much! It was a great release of energy and a nice bit of fun to round the day off at the Centre.

We returned to the house and were all given a random piss test. After testing had been done we chilled for a bit then had dinner, which as it was Friday means it was Fish Friday. I demolished my fish, chips and mushy peas.

After dinner we all relaxed again, many of the others went off for their external meetings and the rest of us sat watching 'The Bourne Identity' (not my kind of film, but it's background noise I suppose). Comic book time, then meds, then a fag before I tootle off to bed for my last weekend. There's only one session tomorrow, so it's going to be a fairly quick day.

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