24th Oct 2018 12:28pm
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Monday morning - a whole week of being sober! Who the fudge would have thought I would ever do that!

How do I feel, you may ask? Well, extremely pleased with myself and I feel weirdly different. I am eating properly and have made a great circle of friends. So all in all is going great.

Now it is one week into my detox programme that now means I can get a phone card to call The Mother, which I will be doing later on. I will no doubt get emotional over hearing her voice for the first time in a week. It will be great to know how she is doing.

The mornings groups were NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and also 'Pain and Damage', the latter once again reduced me to tears, but I got the support from the others to help lift my mood again. They really all are an amazing group of people.

My medications are lowering as I am almost coming to the end of the Librium side of my detox.

I did get some contact - not personally - from my keyworker at Addaction to find out when I am definitely moving house, so that they know what to do with me upon my discharge next Monday.

The dinner we had today was a phat banging spaghetti bolognese, which I cleared in no time.

Now I have a phone card, I thought "BRILLIANT(!) I can call The Mother", well, that went well... called at 19:05 - engaged, 19:15 - engaged, 19:25 - engaged. I've already been charged every time I get the 'engaged' message (4p connection fee). This isn't helping because I just want to speak to The Mother. I will try again at 20:00.

Wahey, she answered at 19:58. Was good to speak to her, albeit only for the allocated 10 minutes you're allowed. Will give her another call on Wednesday [Day 10] at 20:00.

Have had my nightly medication and have popped on a new nappy, so now it's time to go to bed.

Goodnight folks. :)

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