24th Oct 2018 10:14am
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So it is a Sunday and I am awake at 7am - wake up on a Sunday is usually 8am, but my body clock was so used to the 7am wake ups. Breakfast was lovely this morning - scrambled eggs and toast, and yes, I did coat mine in Marmite.

After breakfast I had my medication and then headed off to Church. It was much more lively than the normal church services we do in this country, which was a relief. (I do believe I did also let out a bop or two to a few songs that were performed).

Upon returning from Church, we had a nice Sunday dinner consisting of chicken, veg, potatoes, gravy, etc. and I felt extremely stuffed afterwards. I didn't need any medication that afternoon as my med plan no longer included an afternoon dose, so I was slowly getting to the end of the medical stage of my detox. I was still in pain from the rib injury the day before.

On a much nicer note, one of the others have given me one of their t-shirts that they no longer like to wear, which was very nice of them, as the t-shirt is really nice (a McKenzie one too).

For the rest of the day, we did a deepclean of the house then just chilled out. Sadly though, due to the rules, we can't properly chill out in our rooms because you're only allowed to be in them for periods of up to 15 minutes.

With the whole lowering of the medication dosage, I was starting to feel a bit normal, but also feeling that weird urge to have an afternoon drink, not really sure why - it could have just been the effects wearing off or slight boredom due to the lack of groups - and sitting watching TV or reading a book did not help overcome that either. I planned on telling the staff when I had my 5pm medication, as I don't wish to fuck up how amazing I have done over the past seven days. Strength and willpower, Dale, strength and willpower!

I notified the staff at 5pm and they explained that Sunday's can be the hardest day because of boredom - which was quite relatable really as when I am bored, I smoke and (used to) drink more.

Now that my first week of detox was out the way, I was now allowed to be assigned a role within the house - obviously anything electrical or kitchen-based was out of the question, health and safety reasons - which gave amusement to the household when it was announced "Polishing Dale", the jokes and giggles didn't end there though, especially when I was polishing the wood. Haha.

Now that the day was over, it's all back to normality the following day, so nighty-night. :)

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24th Oct 2018 10:54

Amazed at how unstressed you make it all sound

By Tony Calder


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