24th Oct 2018 10:13am
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Woke in the night after almost having an accident - so I informed the staff when medication was being given out. They said that it was perfectly OK and that they will find something for me. The staff know about it, plus one other does too, they assured me it is nothing to be ashamed of... support like that really helps me feel comfortable.

After breakfast and meds we went to the Centre to begin our morning group session, which included picking a topic at random from a basket and discussing it. Afterwards was a 'Thoughts and Feelings' session - my main feeling at that moment was that I was looking forward to getting to hear The Mother's voice in a couple of days when I would be allowed to make a phonecall (Day 8 onwards). The thought of that almost brought me to tears as I didn't know how she had been coping since I came in.

After the group, we returned back to the house where we could relax for the rest of the day. I received my afternoon medication and was also handed something incase of another potential accident - adult nappies.

They fit snuggly and I had enough in stock - and were available whenever I needed them. I still felt a bit embarrassed though, being a 30 year old and having to wear nappies, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Lunch was amazing - made me feel like I was back at home again (pizza, chips and beans). I had also noticed that I was starting to run low on tobacco (the order forms for that were for tomorrow [Sunday] evening, then it's available the following day [Monday]), so I would be on the scraps left in my pack for the rest of the day and the proceeding day.

Oh, forgot to mention that I had started reading Jo Brand's autobiography 'Look Back In Hunger'. One of the quotes in the book did make me laugh out loud:

"If you don't shut your mouth, I'll sit on your face

"No, on second thoughts I won't sit on your face, because I haven't got my period at the moment. Doesn't seem worth it."

I really love her grotesque humour.

2:30pm came and as the weather ended up improving , we were allowed an assisted group walk to the beach. It was extremely windy (upon leaving rehab, I found out it was Storm Callum) and the wind caught hold of the football, so as the athletic one that I am *cough* *cough* I decided to chase it to try and catch it. The wind was blowing me quicker than I could run, I was closing in on the ball, then all of a sudden I lost my footing and was blown over and slammed down on the ground. Luckily a passing jogger caught the ball and handed it to me saying "There was no way you was going to get that." My left rib hurt like a bitch afterwards. I was given some paracetamol upon returning to the house. That was enough exercise for me this year.

Dinner that evening was chicken in a tomato and green bean sauce (greek chicken, I believe?), and that was amazing.

Oh, forgot to mention too, that during that debacle on the beach earlier, the last of my tobacco and rizlas also flew out my pocket, and ordering tobacco -as I mentioned above- isn't until tomorrow [Sunday], but thankfully one of the others had been extremely generous and had offered me a few roll ups to keep me going until Monday. This other has such a heart of gold for doing that.

After a few hours the paracetamol had done nothing, so I decided to see the staff once again. There was no visible swelling - just pain on one rib bone. So I was given two ibuprofen and also had the area coated in deepheat. The deepheat worked wonders and allowed me to breathe in and out fully without feeling any discomfort.

Get me... Day 6 and I've already injured myself and also have to wear adult nappies. This is really not where I thought I would see myself. Oh the joys.

Having taken my last meds for the evening, I was given another two paracetamol along with a tub of deepheat to take up to my room with me to apply when it was needed.

Started to feel drowsy, so decided to call it a day. Once again though, it was an amazing day and I even ended up already starting to plan my future opportunities for when I finish rehab - and they seem extremely good, but as we are constantly told, take one [baby] step at a time.

Now to sleep like a baby, literally. :/

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