24th Oct 2018 10:10am
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Woke up to our morning meeting, breakfast and medication.

We left for the Centre and had our Thoughts and Feelings session, which was a nice way to start things off - by knowing how everyone is doing. Following that we had quite a deep session - one that I personally didn't feel comfortable being in. I didn't participate vocally much though because it was a bit too much for me to digest (and as I couldn't really relate on a personal level, I felt a bit out of place). You could tell the mood of the group had changed massively due to the subject discussed.

After lunchtime, which was a really nice salad, I had more medication then I was seen by the staff to make sure I was fine after what I got out of my system in CA (Day 2). I informed the staff that I'm feeling much better and that I am bonding with an other really well. After this meeting I was taken to the doctors for my final Pabrinex injection (third and final arse-cheek one, ugh), thankfully -as with yesterday- it didn't hurt in the slightest.

We returned back to the house in preparation for dinner - which was outstanding - and I am really proud of myself that I am eating so well and not leaving anything left on my plate.

As the evening went on, some of the others decided to watch football, so me and an other decided to go to the dining area and read comics to relax and wind down before our last course of medication, then tootled off to bed.

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