24th Oct 2018 10:10am
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Fourth day in and I am still feeling amazing that I am waking up sober and not having any shaking to contend to. The only issue I am currently having at the moment though is a slight pain in my right kidney and also my neck feels stiff, although I have been assured by the staff that this is normal coming off the alcohol.

After breakfast it was medication time and I am now on a lower dose (4L, 4V). Following breakfast we went to the centre to begin our sessions for the day. The first group was part of our daily handbook then this was followed by another group where we discussed the ups (what they've done objectively) and downs (things they should work on) of each individual other within the group. This being my first session of this type was very hard-hitting, but it helps others gain feedback - think of it as a school report, but coming from the others. After this session we had a 'Thoughts and Feelings' session that allowed us to convey to the group our thoughts and, well, the clue is in the title.

I then braved up to have my second Pabrinex injection (a day earlier than I was due to go for it). This time though, it didn't hurt as I was lay down when it was administered.

I then returned to the centre for a little bit, before going back to the house. Had my evening meds and then as some of the others left for external meetings, I stayed behind reading comics with an other. And that's pretty much all that happened that evening.

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