24th Oct 2018 09:57am
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Awake for 7am to begin our welcoming session for the morning. Breakfast followed, which I enjoyed my Marmite on toast (seriously, I absolutely LOVE the stuff!), then followed medication time (5L, 4V - I'm now on 5Ls now instead of six, it's the beginning of the weaning off period now).

Proceeding breakfast we arranged the future food choices for the house, then we had a group session on the topic of Domestic Abuse/Abuse and how it affects those around us (And remember, domestic abuse isn't just the generic view of Person A beating Person B up). The session was very deep and eye-opening. After that we did an activity with cards (not normal playing cards, but ones that had relatable words on), which really made you think deeply about certain situations.

Wednesday's are a more relaxing day from the timetable, so during the evening we all had a walk outside along the seafront. This was a MASSIVE step for me as we would be passing a lot of the places I had frequented overtime when drinking. Whilst walking I was constantly being reassured by the staff and one of the others. We made it to Knightstone Island and I was extremely proud of myself that I made it that far without the need or want of a drink. I mentioned to the staff that all the pubs/bars - in my head now - are just normal buildings with their Christmas decorations up early. The walk back was the second half of the challenge, but instead of ignoring the buildings we were passing, I was informing one of the others the history of said buildings.

Once we returned back, I felt so amazed and pleased with myself, and I am really shocked and surprised with how well I have progressed in such a short time whilst being here.

Then we all chilled out, I had my evening meds (5L, 4V), then we watched a comedy film (cannot remember the name, but it had the bloke who played Stiffler in it), then proceeded to head to bed.

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