17th Jun 2016 07:33am
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dhIMG Instagram

Instagram changed the way it works quick a while back and thus rendered dhIMG Instagram broken. I have finally got around to fixing the program and it now seems to be working perfectly fine. If any problems do arise in future, may I ask - as I don't use the program myself -, can you notify me either via Twitter or the Contact form on here. Thank you, and enjoy. :)

Changes in v1.1

» Updated program because of Instagram changes


You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.


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22nd Aug 2016 21:19


I have a little problem when i want to download many images.

The download stop at 40 images, instead of 400+ pics, you can see here that the download stop few time after the beginning : http://www.imagebam.com/image/571c36500986202

Thank a lot ! I don't use dhIMG Instagram a lot, but dhIMG Twitter is really helpful for me.

(sorry for my english, this isn't my langage)

By Elany


1st Aug 2017 21:24

Your programs are great. Use almost all of them so my mum can backup photos etc thanks man keep up the good work

By leslie b


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