25th Mar 2016 08:59pm
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Tesco 8.4p Fake

Noticed this image circulating a fair bit today and immediately questioned its authenticity as that's too good of a mistake to not get noticed. So, as ya do, I had a quick properly look and from what I can see so far, it's a fake.

My reasons?

1) The 'dot' on the I within Tesco's font (which is actually named 'Tesco') does not have a square 'dot' [Purple arrow]. Note the other two lines [blue arrows] (one I wrote and the original label one) are circular.

Tesco 8.4p Fake

2) [Blue arrow] There's a very faint area of white after the 't', which is usually very noticeable when people use certain tools to remove objects in pictures, notably the clone stamp in Photoshop.

Tesco 8.4p Fake

3) [Red arrow] There's a slight lift in brightness at the base of the 'i', which isn't visible for any other letter in that sentence.

There we go, nice try. ;)


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25th Mar 2016 23:27

Hi. Just thought I'd message you to own up to this picture. Yes of course it's a fake! I created it on Tuesday and put it on my FB page, but not with Photoshop like everyone is claiming - I simply used MS Paint and it took about 30 seconds. The actual picture was taken in the Salisbury branch - it genuinely says "8.4p per 100sht". I just made it funnier. Hope this clears things up for you. I'm amazed how it's gone viral. Regards, Dave

By Dave Taylor


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