18th Apr 2006 06:00am
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I was just reading through the comments and noticed one from a lovely lady called Susie. Now this could have been any Susie in the world, but the comment shows that I like her show.
Feminine Hijinx - Susie
Now the only Susie I know that does a "show" isn't the local hooker Susie, but is a part of a podcasting trio - known as Feminine Hijinx. I have been addicted to their shows ever since I stumbled across them a few weeks back. They're all class ladies and have such an amazing sense of humour! I suggest you head over to their website and listen to their podcasts. (Oh and don't forget to rate them if you like them - which you will!). Keep up the good work ladies!

» FeminineHijinx.net


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19th Apr 2006 17:03

Hi Dale! Thanks for the kind words about Feminine Hijinx! We're so glad you're listening. Have a good week, Stephanie (Priestess of Pate, hahahaha)

By stephanie


19th Apr 2006 18:13

Dale, ya make me blush. That was indeed Feminine Hijinx me. Thanks so much for the props and putting our link on your site here! I'm glad you're liking the show...we'll be doing another one tonight!! --Susie

By Susie


20th Apr 2006 21:40

Check u out Dale - u becoming quite a magnet for ppl!


By Jonny


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