28th Jan 2016 08:10pm
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Another Fail From The Daily Mail

Before I begin, I must say that I have no idea why I ended up on The Daily Mail website ("MailOnline") and I can't be bothered to look through my history either to see how and why, but whilst on there I tottled into their Science section for all articles to do with, well, Science and Technology. And I saw one article that caught my attention.

Another Fail From The Daily Mail

Titled "The secret sites you WON'T find on Google Earth: Blurred-out regions it is claimed contain everything from secret cities to UFO test sites", I thought this would be a funky article to glance over as I like all that secret hidden type of stuff.

As mentioned by Ellie Zolfageyjafjallajökullhariukulelefard on the fourth line of the article, this list was put together by an Australian News site (and has pretty much been lifted and shoved on MailOnline - it seems so easy and simple to be a "journo" these days ain't it?) What Miss/Mrs/Ms Zolfa-and-the-rest-of-the-letters failed to do however, was to actually CHECK the article for mistakes - or even use cleaner/sharper imagery for that matter.

Here is how the first item on the list looks. It's HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) - but hidden away from our eyes, well, there's a *slight* problem... can you spot it?

Another Fail From The Daily Mail

Besides using an image that was produced by a potato, that *ISN'T* HAARP. FAIL. HAARP isn't even there, the morons, HAARP is located in Alaska, not Oregon. FAIL. And the real HAARP site is perfectly visible on that too! Also the location in that picture has nothing of any interest either - and it's clearly visible on Google Maps, take a look:

Another Fail From The Daily Mail

And just for your own peace of mind, here's the real HAARP site... in Alaska. *rolleyes*

Another Fail From The Daily Mail

The next item on the list is some "secret city" in Russia, I can't seem to find it however I have noticed that The Metro have also listed the article from that News site, posted an updated picture, and have also used almost similar wording that MailOnline used too - seriously folks, this is sloppy work. The Metro has also incorrectly said that HAARP is in Oregon... *sighs* ... although they have posted a more recent image of the area alongside the potato-quality one before.

There's a few more on the list that haven't been checked.

Another Fail From The Daily Mail

Oh would you look at that, it's actually visible. (-.-)

Another Fail From The Daily Mail

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

So maybe, Daily Fail, you might want to verify your stuff before you lift it from other websites for your own gain. It takes five minutes.

Story Links:
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