14th Aug 2015 08:33pm
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Twitter on Teletext

It was like the internet, but in our television sets and massively slower than 56k, but it had everything we needed to know. The news, weather, lottery numbers, star signs, flight arrival/departure times... yes, Teletext was the place to go to get that information. These days though Teletext and Ceefax are no longer used and it is quite sad that we no longer have to sit staring at a black screen with white text on it whilst waiting for the numbers at the top to cycle all the way through for a new page to load.

So, because I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to this type of stuff, I made a web-based version of Teletext and combined it with my Twitter account, so I can browse Twitter (along with viewing my main homepage feed, my mentions (interactions) and view my own details) and I can also post tweets too.

Want to see? Here's the video demo I made of it. Hope you enjoy the retro-ness. :)


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