29th Jul 2015 01:42am
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Microsoft Windows 10

It's July 29th 2015. And after all the build-up, the hype, the news stories flooding around technology websites, the preview copies, dev copies, insiders copies, bug reports, fixes and all that. The day has finally come. Windows 10 is to finally be released!

Will I be upgrading straight away when it's released?


Why not?

Simple reason. NEVER trust something as soon as it's just been released.

Take a look at the (public) release of iOS8, for example, they had testers and what-not and guess what happened once it was released? Bugs galore and fuck-ups were constantly happening and they had to give out a patch 7 days after, then rush to get another patch out to fix the previous patch out the following day! Useless.

I mainly blame these so called "bug tester"/"insider" people that are supposed to test EVERYTHING and REPORT their findings, but no! People don't seem to do that these days, they just want to get hold of a piece of new software or a new operating system and just show off that they've got it - thinking people would be interested - then when something does actually mess up, they moan but don't say anything in detail to whoever they are to report to about HOW/WHY it happened (even a simple "well I pressed 'this' and then pressed 'that' twice and it all went blank" would suffice).

So for that reason, I'm waiting. Probably a month or so.

Now, I shall prepare myself and sit monitoring people later complain on social media that 'this' ain't working and 'that' ain't working. Joyous times folks, joyous times.


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