2nd Jul 2015 06:24pm
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dhIMG TwitterBarely a few weeks have passed and once again Twitter has been messing around with a few things, which after being prompted by a couple of people who encountered an error, I have looked into it and released a fix. The bug didn't allow you to download any more than 20 images.

You should find now that, if chosen, then more than 20 images will download. I've just gave it a test on my account (selecting 60) and it worked fine.

As with previous releases, the download link will stay the same.

Changes in v1.5

» Fixed bug that didn't allow more than 20 images to download


You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.


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4th Jul 2015 21:34

Thank you Dale for the Patch :)

By Lukas


5th Jul 2015 02:21

No worries Lukas. If you do encounter any other problems, just let me know again. :)

By Dale Hay


5th Jul 2015 14:56

Windows Defender claims your program is a Trojan.


By Tom42


5th Jul 2015 15:32

Hello Tom42,

I can fully assure you that my programs do not contain any sort of trojan, virus, etc. in them. The program may have flagged up like this as a "false positive", due to it being "new", and also the by the way I compile my coding too - that usually triggers a few things off, but don't worry. Just add dhIMG Twitter to your exclusion list and it will work fine.

There's nothing to worry about at all. It's been scanned and checked by thousands of people/companies and it's passed all them.


By Dale Hay


9th Jul 2015 22:10

Thanks for this program! It works great, with just one problem - it doesn't download anything from tweets that have more than one image in them. Will you add support for this in the future?

By thatanon


11th Jul 2015 00:56

Never mind, it seems to be working now - I must have done something wrong the first time. Thanks again for this program :)

By thatanon


13th Jul 2015 16:50

Hello, your program look fantastic and very useful, i want to ask you about the posibbility of include the feature of retrieve the images after a proxy?

on office some times i need to get the images but as i´m behind a proxy, the program dont work

thanks a lot

By eddy


25th Jul 2015 15:56

It does not work for me
I wish it would

thank you!

By marco


26th Jul 2015 19:33

Hello marco,

Have you checked that you're typing in the correct username? (And username only)

Also if you've selected a high value like 1,000 you will get a slight delay as it starts to get all the images.

By Dale Hay


30th Jul 2015 01:09

FYI, tried several different values the past few days...20, 40, 100, 500...and only get no more than 28 images (sometimes less) upon completion.



30th Jul 2015 22:19

Hi PS,

Maybe the account you're trying to get images off only has 28 images? dhIMG Twitter does not retrieve anything that's been retweeted - only images that have been uploaded to Twitter by the user.

As you didn't supply an email address with your comment, I can't contact you to ask which account you're experiencing this on, so I can't check it out myself. You can use the contact form (in the menu) to message me the name if you would like?

By Dale Hay


12th Aug 2015 16:14

Just stopping by to say THANK YOU DALE, it works fine for me.
Does the same program exist for instagram?

By Naomi


12th Aug 2015 19:48

Hey Naomi,

Thank you very much, and yes. There's one for Instagram and one for Tumblr.

dhIMG Instagram:

dhIMG Tumblr:

By Dale Hay


28th Oct 2015 15:38

Dont working anymore

By Aley


29th Oct 2015 22:39

not working

By haqy


2nd Nov 2015 08:51

Although not able to download until recently , it has become impossible now download why



16th Nov 2015 23:35

Program appears to be running but isn't actually doing anything. Doesn't even appear to doing anything with the CPU...

Is this program still active?



17th Nov 2015 11:22

The program barely uses much CPU - also yes it's active and still working. How many images did you set as "max"?

By Dale Hay


27th Nov 2015 17:50



2nd Nov 2017 14:58

Hi! Program works like a charm, although I'd like to have a limit higher than 1000 :(

By Jose


22nd May 2018 04:16

I was able to use it perfectly to download images from 23 twitter accounts, but after that it stopped working. the program is stuck in "Finding"...

By helly


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