15th Jun 2015 02:39am
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dhIMG TwitterAnother update is here for dhIMG Twitter. This update addresses the problem of images not being downloaded that have been marked as sensitive (i.e; naughty pictures! Tut tut!), also a few images always got missed out. The download link is exactly the same as before - so no need to update the links on your websites.

Changes in v1.4

» Fixed a bug which prevented images marked sensitive from downloading
» Fixed bug with first 10-20 images not being downloaded


You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.


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26th Jun 2015 20:22

I have a bug with the programm i startet to download some pictures from twitter and i get like 10-20

By Lukas


29th Jun 2015 03:18

Hey Lukas,

I've tested the program on my own profile and it allows me to get more than 10-20 images.

Are you sure the profile you're downloading from has more than 10-20 images? (I must point out too, that the program doesn't fetch images that have been retweeted, just the pictures that are viewable through the "Photos & videos" page of their profile)

If you want to send me the username of the profile you're trying to use the program on (click "Contact" near the top of the menu options on here and send it privately to me) and I'll see about any problems. :)

By Dale Hay


1st Jul 2015 15:38


I just want to say, I've got the same bug to Lukas. I try with 3 or 4 accounts and the program download only 20 pictures.

By Valossy


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