1st May 2015 07:54am
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1,000th Blog Post

1,000 ... yes, 1,000th blog post.


Well, for the past couple of years I've been wanting to hit this mark at the end of the year (like as a New Years Eve post), but in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, I had failed. Now it's the 1st of May, I can't exactly keep the site quiet for another 7 months, so today will have to do.

As it's my 1,000th post, I suppose I should do that whole "let's take a trip down memory lane" thing... so, here we go...

Way back in September 2005 - on the 24th, when I was the tender age of 17 (and 10 months and 17 days) - I decided to finally register a domain name for a separate site that I could blog on, opting for a '.com' instead of the crappy third-level '.co.uk'. I had a look online to get a few ideas on how I'd like my blog to look and couldn't find anything, so I decided to go for BRIGHT and BOLD.

I think I successfully accomplished that perfectly (logo is using the font Ravie - instead of the dreaded Comic Sans).

2005 - Intro Page
1,000th Blog Post

2005 - Main Blog
1,000th Blog Post

Then on the 2nd of Feb 2007, I dropped from the bright colours and opted for a lighter green colour. I can't get any pics of this, other than the logo - which included a countdown until the upcoming Smoking Ban (wankers).

2007 - Logo
1,000th Blog Post

That style didn't last long and I opted for another style in 2008, which consisted of more monochrome colours with the odd bit of colour chucked in on titles and menu options.


Then at some point in 2009, I changed (again!) to a blue style...

2009 - Main Blog
1,000th Blog Post

That went well for a bit, then during the later parts of 2011, I forgot to renew the domain name and lost it... so then in April 2012 I was able to bring the site back to life (with thanks to IA - for imagery et al), under the domain of '.me'. And it had taken that horrid manky grey looking style, which a month or so ago I got annoyed with and well, we're here now. :D

Not exactly a great trip down memory lane for most, but whilst I was going through it I must confess that some parts did make me shed a tear... I know it's only "online" and it's nothing popular, but still... it's my permanent life history in the public eye... and it's slightly emotional reading the stuff I posted 10 years ago (next month) ... I have came to a slight conclusion about myself though, and that's that I haven't changed one bit. Christ. :/


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