About Dale Hay

Dale HayOh, hello. I'm guessing you're here to find out more about me? Well what would you like to know? I was born on the 7th of November 1987 at 3:05am at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, Worcestershire. The number 1 in the charts at the time of my birth was BeeGees - You Win Again. I'm now at the graceful age of 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 and currently stand exactly 6ft tall. Blue eyes and brown hair and weirdly a slightly ginger beard which has been reffered to as "African Sunset" coloured.

I am an avid fan of Marmite and will happily sit and eat it out the jar with a spoon - the stuff is amazing! However I hate the "wannabes", like Vegemite and Bovril. They are vulgar.

I attended school - as a good boy - until I was in the beginning of Year 10 (one year from leaving) and had to drop out - through no fault of my own - so never actually got any qualifications, even though my predicted GCSE results were A's and B's. Kinda of a waste of 10+ years of constant education, heh?

I did attend college for a year though and did an ICT course and passed that with a "Merit" qualification, so it weren't all bad, however before I attended college I already had many various websites up and running that were giving me a nice income from just leaving them to run. Though the past few years, there's been ups and downs with that and internet-based revenue ain't the same anymore, so I'm having to get more and more sites up and running to cover my losses. It's very time consuming, but hey-ho, it works out nicely in the long run. :)

Right, suppose you'd like to know a few facts about me?

  • I have a clean Criminal Record (only ever shoplifted a kingsize Twix when I was a kid)
  • Something I mentioned in a Tweet on Twitter was used in a TV programme
  • I have been in three local newspapers, two national papers and featured on many news websites (Daily Mail, Yahoo News, etc...)
  • I have been interviewed on BBC Radio twice
  • I wear glasses (or contact lenses) as I'm short-sighted (-2.00 in both eyes [left eye has improved from -2.50 and right eye has improved from -2.25])
  • When I'm prescribed medication, I happily take double (if not more) of the daily dosage.
  • I've auditioned for Britain's Got Talent (Series 7)

Well there's some facts about me... nothing else really I think I should put on there.

Now for something a bit funny, my "Most Embarrasing Moment". I was about to get picked up down the road by a mate and I ended up going without wearing my glasses (or contact lenses), and I got into a car which was parked up bum first, when I sat on the seat I looked at the driver and saw it was a chav texting on his phone... I was like "Shit, wrong car!!"... I left and quickly got into the right car and never made face contact with that chav as we drove past... oh so embarrassing!!

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