About Dale Hay

Dale HayOh, hello. I'm guessing you're here to find out more about me? Well what would you like to know? I was born on the 7th of November 1987 at 3:05am at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, Worcestershire. The number 1 in the charts at the time of my birth was BeeGees - You Win Again. I'm now at the graceful age of 26 27 28 29 30 and currently stand exactly 6ft tall. Blue eyes and brown hair and weirdly a slightly ginger beard which has been reffered to as "African Sunset" coloured.

I am an avid fan of Marmite and will happily sit and eat it out the jar with a spoon - the stuff is amazing! However I hate the "wannabes", like Vegemite and Bovril. They are vulgar.

I attended school - as a good boy - until I was in the beginning of Year 10 (one year from leaving) and had to drop out - through no fault of my own - so never actually got any qualifications, even though my predicted GCSE results were A's and B's. Kinda of a waste of 10+ years of constant education, heh?

I did attend college for a year though and did a ICT course and passed that with a "Merit" qualification, so it weren't all bad, however before I attended college I already had many various websites up and running that were giving me a nice income from just leaving them to run. Though the past few years, there's been ups and downs with that and internet-based revenue ain't the same anymore, so I'm having to get more and more sites up and running to cover my losses. It's very time consuming, but hey-ho, it works out nicely in the long run. :)

Right, suppose you'd like to know a few facts about me?

  • I have a clean Criminal Record (only ever shoplifted a kingsize Twix when I was a kid)
  • Something I mentioned in a Tweet on Twitter was used in a TV programme
  • I have been in three local newspapers, two national papers and featured on many news websites (Daily Mail, Yahoo News, etc...)
  • I have been interviewed on BBC Radio twice
  • I wear glasses (or contact lenses) as I'm short-sighted (-2.00 in both eyes [left eye has improved from -2.50 and right eye has improved from -2.25])
  • I drink a lot... more than the "fake" "UK Chief Medical Officers" recommended amounts.
  • When I'm prescribed medication, I happily take double (if not more) of the daily dosage.
  • I've auditioned for Britain's Got Talent (Series 7)

Well there's some facts about me... nothing else really I think I should put on there.

Now for something a bit funny, my "Most Embarrasing Moment". I was about to get picked up down the road by a mate and I ended up going without wearing my glasses (or contact lenses), and I got into a car which was parked up bum first, when I sat on the seat I looked at the driver and saw it was a chav texting on his phone... I was like "Shit, wrong car!!"... I left and quickly got into the right car and never made face contact with that chav as we drove past... oh so embarrassing!!

Oh and not that it's actually of any interest to anyone these days, as it's pretty much normal in society, I am gay. Single too, erm, And happily taken, just thought I'd get that out the way.

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