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14th Dec 2012 12:46am
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Menu, End Game

During my life I have been given loads of chances ... sadly I never seemed to have fulfilled them and just moved on and decided to get offered other chances, which I did the same and never decided to follow them up either. These include things like College, University, Jobs, Careers, "personal money earners" ... and sadly I am now too old to do most of the things I wish I did do.

Now I'm older, I am finding the stresses of life becoming all to much and it's not helping when the only way for me to get money is... [read more]

15th Aug 2012 03:35pm
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What Is Wrong With Me?

Urgh, what is wrong with me? It seems that it's that time of year again where I seem to fall into some sort of depressive state - of which I have no idea why. Always seems to happen in mid-August and I don't know why. I still maintain a strong humourous front online (besides this post) so that people think I'm always happy and smiling, however for some reason I'm breaking down inside. As I once described it to a friend, "I feel like I'm a lonely iceberg just floating in an ocean of unknown-ness".

Nothing's really happened to put me... [read more]

30th May 2012 04:42am
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dhConverter 1.0 (Android)

After a week of faffing around, I am now proud to announce my first ever Android Application!

It's called dhConverter, dh for me (Dale Hay) and Converter because that's what it does, it converts. What does it convert you ask? Well it converts various different types of temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit or maybe even Rankine or Kelvin. Also you can convert various methods of Weight, Length, Area, Capacity and Volume.

At the moment the application isn't available on the Android Market due to the fact that it costs $25 to put it on there. (I know, I thought it... [read more]

15th Mar 2010 03:18pm
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Google StreetView: Superheroes found in Blackpool

Well it's been about a week or so now since everywhere - except the top of the mountains - in Britain got fully released on Google StreetView ... about time too! I was only waiting because I wanted to find myself on there, well I did ... he he ... here's a picture of me.

Anyways... whilst looking through some random streets I used to walk down in Blackpool, I ended up stumbling across something quite funny ... a group of Superheroes ... there's Action Man, Dracula, Superman, Wolverine, Bananaman, Peter Pan, Batman and Robin ... then further down... [read more]

24th Aug 2009 09:32am
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TV Licensing have spelt my name wrong...

Well that's good isn't it! I specifically say on the phone to TV Licensing when I called them up to say I want a TV License that my surname is "HAY" and spelt it with each letter too, "H", "A", "Y". What's so difficult about that? Yet still when I finally got my TV Licensing billing card about 30 minutes ago, my name is spelt "Dale Haye" ... grrr!! Then when I checked the information booklet that came with it, it says that if there is a change of name, then it'll appear on my account and card when the... [read more]

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