17th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Finally after hours of tapping away at my keyboard, I have finally got the arcade to work! And it is all fully compatible with 'dalehay.com' too, allowing your scores to be added into the database. At the moment the scores are saved, but you cannot read these scores yet. To goto the arcade either use the menu link on the left OR just remember the address, it is simple. (//dalehay.me/arcade) Oh and enjoy yourself!!

? dalehay.com arcade
16th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well after several years of NO Unreal Tournament... i'm back playing it! Oh yes!! :D Lost all my skill though, however i'll build it back up... so if you see someone online (on Capture the Flag ~ Usually on Instagib matches) with the username 'dalehay.com' then that's me... feel free to attack me. :p
16th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Ok, now that was very weird... I go out for a bit and when I get back the whole of all the links and many database connected items onsite decided to not work... how strange, luckily i'm good enough to find the problem out, so now everything should be sorted out! However if you do encounter any problems, then please report them using the contact form. Cheers!

» dalehay.com contact form
14th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well Valentines Day is over now for another year! Oh well, all I got was ONE text message and ONE email wishing me a happy V-Day. Oh well, maybe i'll get more next year. Anyways... what's the next "thing"... theres the "Brits 2006" ... that will require me to make this site more "British" ... you can sod off!! erm.. oohh Easter soon too and Pancake day too... right, *opens Photoshop*, thats a lot for me to get on with.
Oh and i'm on the plee for more visitors to the forums and post!! If you have any mates that enjoy
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13th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Finally the day is here! And to mark its arrival from 11am till 2pm nothing but Love Songs will be played on 'dalehay.com' radio. Spanning across 4 and a half decades of music! Thats all from 11am!
Luv Dale xx
13th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Oooo I have a few changes to do to dalehay.com, so if you encounter any problems, then ignore them, thats my fault. ;) However I will keep you upto date with the developments and new pages that are being launched. Oh and it's that dreaded Valentines Day tommorow. :(
10th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well this afternoon was exciting. Well for some of us... because there was a "bomb scare"... well someone had left a "suspicious" package on my floor, and immediately the teachers all thought the worst, so the floor was cut off for a while as Health and Safety moved in on the bag and safely took care of it.... I feel sorry for the persons whose bag it is. Anyways, I couldn't miss this opportunity to take a picture of the "package" (the suspicious one).
Suspicious Package
9th Feb 2006 05:00am
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If, what I read is true, then Aled Jones (From BBC Radio 1) has just commented on my website... holy mother of Mary! *waves to him*
Aled Jones
4th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well Guys and Girls, it's coming upto Valentines Day... eek! The day I fear, as I never get any cards or chocolates or flowers. :( Oh well. I have my hand *cough*. Anyways ... he he, I'm gonna feel festive for the whole of the day and have the site "loved" up a bit for Valentines day. :) So if you see a problem on any page then feel free to report it, but it'll probably be just me messing around.
I'd also like to know what you're getting your loved ones for Valentines Day, maybe a rose, maybe a house?
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2nd Feb 2006 05:00am
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I've just viewed the trailer for Scary Movie 4, and it's ok, same old usual "hits" that get done. Cannot wait till it's released.

» Scary Movie 4 Trailer
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