28th Mar 2006 06:00am
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On 28th March 2006, over a million public sector workers went on strike. The public sector workers help to keep water clean, transport running and colleges and universities running. Without these many public services would come to a halt.

Hundreds of schools, libraries and sport centres are due to close for 24 hours. Traffic wardens, housing associations, the Probation Service, the Meat Hygiene Service, street sweepers, home care, occupational therapy and other social services are also taking part in this strike. The strike is over plans to scrap the rule allowing some people to retire at 60 on a full
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26th Mar 2006 06:00am
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I have decided to reopen the blog page for two reasons, so I can post my blog there and also because quite a few visitors came from search engines from things off that page. If you do not know what a blog is - it is simply a online diary. :)

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21st Mar 2006 05:00am
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When I have finished several services for this site, they will be available to you visitors, HOWEVER to use them you need a DHID (Just a simple one off login username and password). If you would like to have one, then send a username you want along with a temporary password and your email address through the contact form and your account will be added to the database along with others and you will get emailed when your account is active and ready to use. :)
17th Mar 2006 05:00am
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Ahhh, the only day where all you see on music channels is either Westlife, Boyzone or U2 over and over again. Just been watching the top 50 Irish hits on one of the music channels, and guess what was number 1! None other than the brilliant The Pouges and Kirsty MacColl - Fairytail of New York. - Dale xxx
15th Mar 2006 05:00am
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Well the new set of website stats are in, and 'dalehay.com' is now more popular!! We've moved from 1,208,035th place to 754,465th place! (Thats an increase of 453,570 places). Just want to say THANK YOU very much people!! :D (Big hugs to you all!)
7th Mar 2006 05:00am
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Knock Professor Dale Hay off Top Spot
5th Mar 2006 05:00am
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Ok, in an attempt to gain yet more visitors to dalehay.com, i've made a image uploader for you lot to use. Simply goto the image hosting page, and locate the image you want to upload... GIF, JPG and PNG only! And then hit the Upload Image button. You will then get forwarded to a page with all the image linking information. It's free to use, so use it as much as you like!
3rd Mar 2006 05:00am
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Well for some unknown reason I haven't been paid my EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) this week, yet I was at ALL my lessons last week and handed the form in... and that means I will be getting NO money what so ever, so if this site goes down then you know why. I seriously fucking hate the goverment! Arseholes!!
23rd Feb 2006 05:00am
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Oh I love shopping... check this out... he he... me and my mate (a.k.a Fag n Tart)
Fag n Tart
20th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well, well, well... Chris Moyles accidently said the "f" word on todays show. Tsk Tsk.. naughty boy. However it is nice to have a bit of swearing on the radio.

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