7th Dec 2006 08:15pm
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*woo* Finally some decent weather in this country. London was hit around 11am this morning by a tornado, injuring six people and damaged around 100 houses. Also a number 52 bus was also caught up in it.

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6th Dec 2006 06:17pm
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YAY! The tube network will be getting a £3.1 billion pound upgrade, meaning nice air conditioned trains. At the moment they are nice and warm but stuffy warm recycled heat. Can't wait, the Metropolitian Line will get upgraded in 2009 and all the other lines (Circle, District, Hammersmith and City)

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4th Dec 2006 01:28am
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Well woke up this morning and noticed some strange faint rash things on the back of my hand. Soooooo just left them for a while and they're still here... so i've got another thing to add to my list of awkward things that are happening to me.

Oh and also my laptop officially went to Laptop heaven on the 1st, meaning everything is now lost as the harddrive has completely died. All my web design stuff, all my old college stuff and all my plans and updates for all my sites. eek!!

I'm not having a good December at all, also I
... []
2nd Dec 2006 10:13pm
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Well I ended up getting slightly drunk last night and woke up this morning at 10am and finished off my left over can from the night before. Then I decided to get that marble sized lump on the back of my left testicle checked out, so I got dropped off at the hospital and spoke to a doctor, who referred me to a Surgeon (who was so funny!! Telling me to stop smoking because it'll make me blind - which im already short sighted ... also he said it will make me infertile - not that im going to get... []
1st Dec 2006 06:42am
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Well I can now sit properly *yay!*, however one problem now is the fact that I have 4 objects in my scrotum. My two testicles (obviously!), that bunch of tubes (which every male has) and I have a strange marble-sized hard lump just resting behind my left testicle.

I could so crack a joke right now but I think you'd find it a load of bo***cks. :D He he.

Soooooo looks like (yet another!) trip to the hospital... Oooo this time it'll be the George Elliot Hospital in Nuneaton. *woo* :/
27th Nov 2006 07:27pm
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Well on Friday night I spent most of my evening in hospital waiting with my boyfriend for the doctor to tell me what problem i've got. My left testicle is currently double the size of the right one and they told me what it was, which I knew what it was anyways... Epididymitis. 2 and a half hours to get told what I already knew I had. :( I did have it 2 years ago too, however this time around I didn't have to have blood tests or spend a night in hospital... I just had to take a urine... []
17th Nov 2006 02:17pm
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Damn ... the FBI (because my sites servers are in the USA) are currently investigating everything. :( I hope they don't take too long... i've got a forum to run.
17th Nov 2006 02:52am
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For some reason ConvoWorld has been suspended, i'm currently looking into it and wondering why it's been suspended. And its nothing to do with payment as im on top of payments. :)

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15th Nov 2006 05:58pm
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15th Nov 2006 05:20pm
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The warning of Japanese Tsunami has currently just been upgraded. If a Tsunami is due then it will arrive within the next few minutes.

I will keep you posted.
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