7th Jan 2007 05:34am
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I'm supposedly going out with a girl called Louise. (Oh and Nobby and Badge and Shanie said "Hi")

2nd Jan 2007 09:41am
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
2nd Jan 2007 09:21am
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                                            =.                                                       ... []

2nd Jan 2007 09:03am
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Well so 2007 is here and everyone usually makes a stupid resolution like...
I'm giving up smoking...
I'm giving up drinking...
I'm giving up sex...
I'm going to stop making out with my wifes brother... etc.. etc..

So, this year for mine to work, I'm thinking of something more unique and original of an idea. Soooo this years resolution is to create something (possibly online) that will take off like wild fire. A new online trend or something that everyone loves and uses. Then hopefully this time next year I will be living in a nice house earning tonnes of money. :D
30th Dec 2006 08:35am
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Yup, around 3am (GMT) he was finally hung. The world is now rid of an evil dictator. :)

» BBC News
24th Dec 2006 05:27am
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I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all. :) Hope you have a great day tommorow!
21st Dec 2006 04:46pm
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Well we all know the Herbal Essences advert is done on TV with dodgy moaning noises, well erm.. here is my version. :)

13th Dec 2006 12:59am
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ConvoWorld is now back open and on the correct domain again.

» ConvoWorld
11th Dec 2006 10:01pm
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YAY! I've won a harddrive off eBay sooooo i'll be able to get my laptop sorted out. :) *jumps for joy*
7th Dec 2006 08:15pm
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*woo* Finally some decent weather in this country. London was hit around 11am this morning by a tornado, injuring six people and damaged around 100 houses. Also a number 52 bus was also caught up in it.

» BBC News Story
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