13th Feb 2007 02:09pm
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I just came across this site and I must say its simple but good. I've had a play on it and so has my mother - especially pressing number 9 on your keyboard.

If you don't know what I'm taking about, then its a page on a website called Mister Tweak-a-Thon and it's a small flash based application that interacts with the keys you press on your keyboard. For example pressing number 1 will pump his muscle on his arm. The instructions are on the site so go ahead and have a play. I bet you click number 9 more than... []

12th Feb 2007 08:19pm
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At $197 - $247 (£101 - £126) this is one hell of a USB pen. It's waterproof, anti-shock and anti-static and it's most impressive feature is that it can withstand 2,000lbs of pressure! It's made out of the material that NASA uses, which is composite metal matrix of graphite and aluminum. Woah!

The Titan USB Drive
12th Feb 2007 06:50pm
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I haven't, well I have in the past, but not like how this company have... they've literally gone banana's over their phones, by placing foam banana skins over their phones.

» Cell Foam

12th Feb 2007 12:03pm
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Well according to this site I came across my Prison Bitch Name is Cream of Meat. A bit naff to be honest. So what's yours?

» Prison Bitch Name Generator

11th Feb 2007 07:36pm
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So it's a Sunday evening, well I hope it is, let me check... yes it is. Ahhhh, this is the life, sitting here at my mothers house, relaxing with my feet up, wireless internet and my bottle of Soya milk. What more could I ask for, oh and a ciggie. :)

So, what have I been upto this week? Well not much, i've been trying to get Dale Hay . com and Convo World a bit of free pimping around the internet to try and get more visitors to these sites, as it would be great to walk around, lets say... []

10th Feb 2007 01:51pm
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For all of you people that come here for the arcade, you'll have to wait a little while so I can upload all the files again and also make the arcade page complient to XHTML. It'll take about a week, but because this week is half term i'll try my best to get it sorted this week so you can play during the holiday period.

8th Feb 2007 04:31pm
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Well I went for my ultrasound scan today, well what I thought was going to be my ultra sound. Sadly it wasn't, it was just a little talk with the doctor. Urgh. Also sods law came into play here and the doctor couldn't find my lump. However he did ask me about if I've lost weight and I told him all about it and the fact that i'm now 26 inch waist and weigh 8 stone 12 pounds, so he referred me to the blood test unit and I've now had yet more blood taken from me and I will... []

8th Feb 2007 10:43am
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I don't get it, when we have a small light dusting of snow the country grinds to a halt - bus services stop, schools are closed, transport networks cut everything out. Yet today, with a load of snow - and my goodness you should see the 2 metre high snowmen people are making - we are doing fine. Schools are closed, airports are closed but the buses, train and tube are all working nice and fine. Well there are a few minor delays on some tube lines but nothing to worry about.

Oh one thing that I don't like though is... []

6th Feb 2007 06:16pm
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Sony Ericsson W610Sony Ericsson W880 Sony Ericsson today announced two new Walkman series phones, the W880 and W610. These come after the success of the W810 model. The W880 is 9.4mm thin and the W610 is 14mm thin. They both have Bluetooth 2.0, Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot, 2 mega pixel camera and the Walkman player 2.0. The price for both these models hasn't been released yet.

» Sony Ericsson - Press Release

6th Feb 2007 04:54pm
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Lego was and still is a big craze. So why not get some old boring subjects and brick them. Well i've come across this website that has done just that. They've took the Bible and turned it into a lego version of it. It's pretty exciting to read too. :) Check it out.

The Brick TestamentThe Brick TestamentThe Brick Testament

» The Brick Testament

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