23rd Jun 2007 01:45pm
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So far a possible 2 more tornados appeared in the UK yesterday, probably more to be honest. One struck Lancashire and the other Peterborough.

Lancashire Tornado
Lancashire Tornado
(Photo Taken By rachel)

Peterborough Tornado
Peterborough Tornado

21st Jun 2007 10:25pm
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Nasa space shuttle Atlantis has been delayed from returning to Earh by at least 24 hours due to bad weather. Originally it was suppose to land at Cape Canaveral at 1855 BST (1755 GMT) today however due to thick clouds and rain nearby it was suspended. Nasa gave it a second chance for 2030 BST (1930 GMT) though the weather did not improve. The space shuttle has enough fuel to stay in space till this Sunday however a third and forth chance of landing will happen tommorow (Friday), of which the third chance is at 1818 BST (1718 GMT).

21st Jun 2007 08:58pm
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Well last weekend I was chating to Martyn and his mates. Marytn, Damien and Jamie were sitting on the bed and I was facing them and we were just nattering away as normal people do, when we heard a small taping on the door - like when someone wants to come in the room, so we said "come in" but nobody came in. We said it again and still no one came in, so we opened the door and no one was there. Behind the bed on the top bit of the wall is a little window bit so you... []

20th Jun 2007 04:57pm
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I am just completing my Search Engine website and just randomly typed in Fanny. Now it has Google Ads on it, like this site does, but oh my ... didn't think eBay did body parts. he he.

Fanny Ad

17th Jun 2007 01:54pm
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The past 2 days the Midlands have been lucky! They ended up having a handful of tornadoes. Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Dudley, Edgebaston, Wombourne and Tipton all had a tornado each, however I am sure there would be more, but I cannot find anything about them. TORRO have not issued any tornado warnings for today so the country should be on a normal wet day.

14th Jun 2007 04:03pm
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One thing that has puzzled me for a while is that Atoms are made up of Neutrons, Protons and Electrons. Though my big question is what is inside an Electron? Are there even smaller little things like itself? Just a random thought I suppose.

14th Jun 2007 02:54am
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The third instalment of Mortal Kombat once title Domination, now Devastation was supposed to be firstly released last year however due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it was postponed. Then a few weeks ago it was supposed to be released in 2009, however it is now due to be released in 2010. Not much information has been given about the film, however a certain source rumours that SubZero is the new leader, like in Mortal Kombat Mythologies. Though other sources are saying that Mortal Kombat 3 is just going to be a remake of Mortal Kombat 1.

The only two actors... []

14th Jun 2007 02:37am
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Susie, Stephanie and Kim, also known as the Feminine Hijinx, are back after over a month and after listening to it earlier I counted that the F word was said a load of times and the amount of times I laughed was uncountable. Anyway they're back with their 32nd pod cast and in this one they are talking amount things like reusable menstrual pads, slagging off old grannies and just having a right old good laugh.

» Feminine Hijinx - Episode 32

14th Jun 2007 02:13am
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I have spent almost all day creating my own Instant Messenger made with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and AJAX. As bad as I thought AJAX was when looking at it, to be honest it is not exactly too hard. The one thing I do like about it is that it refreshes a page for you without refreshing in a sense. So you could be filling in a form and it can refresh the page and allow you to continue typing uninterrupted. For those of you who don't know what AJAX means, basically its an acronym of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML... []

13th Jun 2007 07:15pm
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I have just this moment entered my Get Up and Play promotional code which you get either on the ring pulls of cans or the labels of Fanta, Dr Pepper and Sprite. Hopefully I will win something during the promotion. Oh it finishes on the 8th July 2007, so get your codes in as soon as possible.

» Get Up and Play

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