19th Jul 2007 12:52am
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For those of you that are wondering what is going on with OCIWA, well I have started redoing it properly this time and it will be much better than before, plus there will be more things to do. I will give more info during development.

18th Jul 2007 07:16pm
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If you are making your own website registration form, then on the of chance you want an age selection box then don't spend hours manually typing it in, just a 3 lines of PHP and it will automatically do it for you. Very simple!

Below is the tiny bit of code that will automatically make a dropdown box for your site. Basically it starts at 1 and goes to 100. If you want to change the numbers then edit the $i = 1 value, which is the number it starts on, then edit the $i < 101 value, which is the... []

17th Jul 2007 05:46pm
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Do you always wonder what your children might be on when they are on your computer whilst your back is turned? Well I have created a program that will take a screenshot of the activity that is happening on your computer. The program is called dhSpy and it runs nicely in the system tray and is protected by a password, which changes everytime the program is launched.

As with all my programs, it is free to use and can be used on any Windows operating system, except Vista. Give it a go and see what you think of it. Information on... []

16th Jul 2007 11:38pm
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Here is a decent looking movie, well hopefully. I would not mind watching this in the Cinema. Its called 30 Days of Night, basically the storyline goes something along the lines of the area near the north pole region that have 30 days of no sunshine and vampires start attacking during these 30 days.

16th Jul 2007 11:27pm
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For the first time ever today, one of the videos on my YouTube account was removed by them. The clip is from South park Season 11 Episode 4 where Queen Elizabeth II decides to blow her brains out after finding out the American's found out the British were attacking them with Russian decoys. The clip only lasted 8 seconds too, oh well things like this happen.

Removal of YouTube South Park Video

» Dale's YouTube Account

12th Jul 2007 02:54am
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I forgot to mention I have a new website up and running, basically it is a search engine that searches various selected sites for videos, images and music. The site does not search everything, it only searches things that I have added to the database which gets updated daily. Go and have a look at it, it is called MediaFreiq.

Media Freiq - The Video, Image and Music Search Engine

12th Jul 2007 02:44am
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The other month I posted a video by Alan Lowe-Jones singing and playing Ralph McTell's classic song Streets of London. Well I decided to record myself singing it, it's pretty pants though also I added some pictures from Google on it too. Have a looksies and tell me what you think. Oh and I think I messed up in the song somewhere, so I'm sorry if it goes pants somewhere in the song.

1st Jul 2007 07:02pm
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The whole of the United Kingdom now is no smoking, the ban came into effect at 6am this morning for England. So if you want a crafty fag in a bar, pub, club, restaurant, etc.. then you will need to stand outside to have it.

27th Jun 2007 07:59pm
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Finally got around to getting it to MP3... my signature song... Beauty School Dropout. You can download it via my other website Sound Upload. Remember I am not a singer.

» Download Dale Hay - Beauty School Dropout

23rd Jun 2007 03:24pm
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