24th Jul 2007 05:36pm
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I have made another PHP tutorial which allows you to view secret content that you set, by protecting it with a passcode. It is pretty basic, but may not be to some people, like me when I first started doing PHP a good 5 years ago.

» PHP Tutorial - Protecting a Page with Sessions

24th Jul 2007 03:29pm
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I'm sure the tag line to Scary Movie 4 was "The fourth and final chapter of the trilogy". Also I remember reading somewhere that Scary Movie 4 was defenately the last one, but oh no... 31st October 2008 will see the premiere of Scary Movie 5!

At the moment only Leslie Nielsen is confirmed for the movie, as for Anna Faris, who plays Cindy Campbell, and Regina Hall, who plays Brenda Meeks, they haven't been confirmed.

24th Jul 2007 03:07pm
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Due for release next year is Ace Ventura 3, titled Ace Ventura Jr. The film basically is about Ace Ventura's son taking his role, oh though one bad thing... just like Dumb and Dumber 2 and The Mask 2... it will flop. Why? Well because Jim Carrey will not be in it, so that has waved goodbye to the comedy aspect of it.

24th Jul 2007 06:09am
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Borrowing swimming arm bands and rubber rings have been banned by Health and Safety because of germs. How fecking retarded. Ain't that what Chlorine is for?

24th Jul 2007 01:34am
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If you're thinking WTF about these game trailers or film trailers that are appearing, then don't worry, they're frmo my YouTube account as I use it to upload video game and movie trailers. So don't panic, I ain't being hacked, hijacked or anything like that.

24th Jul 2007 01:32am
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This fall, Namco-Bandai will be heating up the Nintendo DS with the first of four new Tales.

24th Jul 2007 01:20am
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If you can't stand the heat, get out of the crime scene.

24th Jul 2007 01:12am
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Strap yourself in and get ready for the most action-packed drag racing title around!

23rd Jul 2007 10:30pm
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The heavy rain has now died in Britain however a load of areas are now flooded in Britains Great Flood. There are currently 8 severe flood warnings around the country, over 100,000 homes and businesses are damaged and the cost of the damage is currently planned to be more than 2 billion pounds. Tewkesbury has no running water and out of power, except street lights.

Warnings are currently along the River Severn, River Avon and River Thames are being monitored too as within 2 hours time in Oxford the River Thames banks will burst.

Many people are blaming this on global warming,... []

23rd Jul 2007 04:34am
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I think I'll stick with Microsoft Windows XP for the time being as I have just found out that taking a screen dump, or print screen as others would call it, is a lot complicated in Microsoft Windows Vista than it is in XP. In XP or any other version of Windows you just basically click the PrtSc button and it's done, however in Vista you have to click Start, then search for a program called Snipping Tool, then load it and make a selection of the screen you want to take a screenshot of then save the file, blah... []

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