28th Aug 2007 05:07pm
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He he, I won on Bingo last night at Stonewalls, I won 20 quid, not bad for only paying a pound for 6 tickets and also it was like my first time playing it too.

14th Aug 2007 09:51pm
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Happy Birthday to Sarah Brightman. If you don't know who Sarah Brightman is then you need to listen to her music (its on Napster). Anyways Happy 47th Birthday to her.

13th Aug 2007 01:21pm
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Woohoo! Finally the internet is now back on. :-) Woohoo! I haven't been online for a long time and now it feels good to be back online.

3rd Aug 2007 04:20am
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I have created a new addition to Dale Hay . com, which is a small ask page. I am mainly testing it to see if it brings any more visitors to the site. Basically, all you do is goto the site, and enter your name and a question, then I will answer it when I check them. Its very simple! Also get your friends and family to ask questions too, the more the better.

» Ask Dale Hay

2nd Aug 2007 04:43pm
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Well Tropical Storm Chantal suddenly disappeared. Quick and boring to be honest.

1st Aug 2007 08:53pm
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Not exactly a threat to us in the slightest, but it is nice to see them heading this direction and not towards America. Though, I am just thinking would the jet stream affect it in anyway? If so, then I am pretty sure by Friday it will actually turn east and skim the tip of Scotland.

Tropical Storm Chantal

29th Jul 2007 04:56am
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I'd just like to say a big thank you to Tracy, Catherine, Wendy and the other ladies that looked after me Friday night and yesterday daytime in the observation ward of Lewisham Hospital. Oh and also thanks to John who kept my nicoteen levels up.

26th Jul 2007 06:36pm
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The next generation of the discussion board software Burning Board is unveiled and can be purchased now! The new version sets several new standards and distinguish itself by a modern and secure technical implementation as well as a user-friendly user interface.

WoltLab Community Framework

The backbone for Burning Board 3 will be WoltLab Community Framework (WCF). The framework will be the basis for all future products from WoltLab in the area of community development. It is completely object orientated programming using PHP5, and includes support for module packages. The first product to make use of these functions will be Burning Board 3.... []

24th Jul 2007 07:58pm
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This is a little video tutorial I made that shows you how to make your voice a bit spooky in Audacity.

24th Jul 2007 05:36pm
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I have made another PHP tutorial which allows you to view secret content that you set, by protecting it with a passcode. It is pretty basic, but may not be to some people, like me when I first started doing PHP a good 5 years ago.

» PHP Tutorial - Protecting a Page with Sessions

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