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If you look to the right of this website, then you'll see a new addition to the right side of the site. The menu is being expanded to fulfill the amount of links I'm putting in the menu. However at the moment I'm still working on it, so it will look dodgy for a day or two.

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Noel seems to be dieing then regaining strength and so on and so forth. Well at the moment the Tropical Storm is currently predicted to travel North beside the East coast of North America and turn into a Hurricane at roughly 35N, 8am Saturday and should stay as a Hurricane to 60N, 7am Monday. It's not rare to see Hurricanes continue this high up north on the globe, but I must say it's not a threat to the UK. So, if anyone says to you the UK can't have Hurricanes then prove them wrong as we can (The UK is... [read more]

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A little nudge, just to remind you about the clocks going back one hour at 1am on Sunday 29th October 2007. So, I'm thinking that's either tonight or tommorow night.

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Do you have a website and want it to be top ranked within many search engines? Well Platinum Submit is the place to go. Its manually controlled service offers you a cheap and convinent way to gain more traffic to your site, more back links, higher ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Also if you run advertisements on your website, then you'll also gain more commission on them as more visitors to your site see them.

The prices on Platinum Submit are very cheap with submission to 250 directories starting at $29. All the directories that your site... [read more]

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Upon first coming to the Sahi Infotech website, I noticed the smart and simple design, which was accompanied by a non-cluttered look. The website loads very quickly and the navigational options are clear to see on the left hand side. Immediately reading within the first few lines of the site I knew what the website was about and what it had to offer. All the pages within the site work correctly and link to one an other nicely. All the pages are nicely detailed with the right amount of content and the content can be seen in a nicely presentable... [read more]

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Ever heard of Smorty? No? Neither did I until i stumbled across it. Smorty is a online service that allows bloggers to advertise other advertisers products and get paid for doing so. The service is totally free to join up. The amount you earn through the program depends on your page rank, popularity and search engine indexing.

If you wish to advertise your products and have bloggers make reviews of your content, then you must sign up for a advertising account, which will allow you to advertise on blogs all around the internet.
Also if you wish to advertise other... [read more]

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Starting very soon I will be reviewing a lot of random things, though this is to help fund the cost of my server(s) - yes, I have two now. So I review a few sites on here and as a reward I get a bit of money. Nice and easy to be honest. So if you see something, then you don't have to listen to it, but if you do like it then feel free to check it out.

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Capcom last week mentioned about a new Street Fighter game and with it also released a teaser trailer to it. Not of game play but it made my Street Fighter fans mouths water. Also some other news to, the guy who directed the old Doom movie has been signed by Hyde Park Entertainment to start directing a new Street Fighter movie. The film will start production in the first quarter of 2008.

Below are some screencaps of the Street Fighter 4 teaser trailer. Enjoy!

Street Fighter 4
... [read more]

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Awww Martyn went to see Hairspray in the West End today with his Aunty. It started Michael Ball dressed as a lady and according to him it was amazing. It was full of innuendos and the odd racist comedy. All in all it was amazing, he was so chuffed when he got back and he brought me a box of chocies back too. They're Belgium chocolates and they're really, really nice. Below is a piccie of them.


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The site will be going back down soon for about a day as I transfer dalehay.com to a new host to cope with constant downtime around.

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