11th Feb 2008 03:33pm
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Oooohhh... welcome to the brand new and stylish design of dalehay.com! I hope you like it? I have checked most pages and they all look and seem to work fine. If you're having any problems anywhere on the site then please feel free to comment on this story or send me a message via the contact form.

11th Feb 2008 01:55pm
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Ok, poor poor Camden Town isn't exactly having the best few days, first on Saturday the market went up in flames and now today, Monday, a bus has had its roof sliced off after being diverted due to the towns bus routes diverted. Now as for the conspiracy theory... something weird is behind it! Trust me... look at the facts... the fire was on the 9th (so 9) and the bus got its roof sliced on the 11th (so 11). Put them together and what do you get? 9 11 OR in my eyes 9 meaning September and the 11... []

11th Feb 2008 03:57am
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Sometime during this week the new version of this site will be 100% fully up and running. Their may be a few pages that go down before that - as I have to modify things on them. But hopefully you'll like it.

10th Feb 2008 12:24am
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Mein Vater ist siebenunddrei?ig jahre alten heute. Happy Birthday. :)

Also Happy Birthday to baby Alan who turned one yesterday.

5th Feb 2008 04:57pm
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Just a quick Good Luck to those from Atherstone that are taking part in this years 800 year old tradition of the Atherstone Ball Game. If you don't know what the ball game is about, it's simple. During the morning of Shrove Tuesday all shops in the town are boarded up (making it look like a Hurricane evacuation scene) and schools are closed, then at 3pm a ball is chucked out of a window and must be passed from one end of the town to the other, until the claxon gets set off. The fun then begins when all hell... []

5th Feb 2008 04:48pm
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The music is not my choice, it's coming from the flash game I posted a few days ago. It'll go after 10 articles.

5th Feb 2008 05:35am
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Getting .htaccess files to work on AppServ (Windows version) a lot of peoples computers doesn't seem to work, I myself am one of those people, so I fiddled around the other day and got it working - so hopefully if you follow this tutorial you'll understand how to get it to work and it should work for you.

First of all if you locate your Apache folder (within your AppServ folder, usually installed directly on your C drive) and go into a folder called "conf", then open the file called "httpd.conf".
.htaccess on AppServ


#LoadModule... []

4th Feb 2008 03:24pm
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To those people who are more technologically knowledged, you'll know that when you type in a URL (web address, eg; dalehay.me) it routes to its IP address, of which is Now you will see it has 4 sets of numbers, however because of the amount of websites out there in the wild web this number is nearing its limit (which is 4,294,967,296) - due to do so in about 2011. So a major update on the internet is going to happen, with it starting it today. The current IP addresses are known as IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) and... []

3rd Feb 2008 02:31am
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There is a site that I go onto which is a blog by an italian bloke who does mainly Flash based programming called Emanuele Feronato and there is a game that he had made called Chain Reaction, now it is an addictive game and its really simple to play, but does make the human race stressed at the same time.

The basic rules of it is simple, your mouse cursor is a circle and when you click your mouse you shoot 4 bullets (One up, one down, one left and one right) and when your bullets hit another circle then that... []

30th Jan 2008 09:48pm
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Comedian Jeremy Beadle has died today at the age of 59. He died in hospital after being put in there due to having pneumonia.

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