19th Feb 2008 05:26pm
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Me... a midget? Never! Well yeah... I tell you it hurt my legs badly being all scrutched up for about an hour or so. People looked at me weirdly, but I suppose its no suprise.

Dale Hay as a Midget

19th Feb 2008 05:26pm
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If you use Thunderbird, Firefox or any other RSS feed reader then if you want, you can sync this sites feed. The address to the feed is: https://dalehay.me/feed.php

It works fine on most things, though maybe some programs or applications won't allow a .php extension. If so, use another program.

17th Feb 2008 05:22pm
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I popped to Argos earlier and I was going to get some Mega Blocks (not the normal big baby blocks that they do, but their Micro series - which is the same as lego, but cheaper [1,900 bits for a tenner]), however they never had any in stock and I wasn't going to pay twenty quid for 1,400 pieces. So instead I ended up getting 2 other items. One is a Motion Lamp, well basically a lava lamp as they're so cool and so relaxing - at the time of writing this... []

16th Feb 2008 09:27am
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Is it just me or is CNN.com down? I haven't been able to connect to the site for over 24 hours now.

CNN.com Down

» CNN.com

14th Feb 2008 06:41pm
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Well it was today a year ago that me and Martyn got together and now today we are celebrating a whole year together. :-) Yay! :D

Also happy valentines day to anyone / everyone else.

14th Feb 2008 01:32pm
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Google, a while ago, brought out a free 3D modelling program called SketchUp and today I decided to download and install it. Everything installed correctly and you're welcomed with a little option of how you want your view, I prefer Top down.

And let me tell you... I have never in my life seen a 3D program so simple!! In less than 1 minute I had built this and added the textures. It is sooooooo simple. Good on you Google!

» Google SketchUp

13th Feb 2008 09:34am
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Just saw this on MintyFerret, which is really cool! If you visit a webpage, then add some code in the address bar at the top and hit enter, you can modify a pages content and resize images and muck totally about with it.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

» Minty Ferret

12th Feb 2008 08:04pm
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Simon LeBon is Gay

Ha ha, obviously it's a joke - a nicely constructed prank played on mine and Martyn's mate Michael, who really adores Simon LeBon. So Michael if you are reading this - don't worry... I made a fake mock up BBC News page. You just got pranked!!

12th Feb 2008 05:51am
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Good-Tutorials is a website that basically links to other sites that do tutorials in various areas on computers. Now I have submitted 9 tutorials to them before however only 1 tutorial (PHP For Loops) was accepted.

The way the front page has its tutorials selected is through some kind of voting process by onsite moderators... well I am sure they are jelous of my website skills and hate my site so much that they won't even accept a tutorial off me!

I have seen crap tutorials each and everyday and they have been accepted. I'm starting to go off Good-Tutorials ... ...... []

11th Feb 2008 03:33pm
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