21st Jun 2008 04:33pm
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Ok, so the UK's transport is up the duff ... engineering works all the time, delays, etc.. etc.. and also there's this big millions upon millions of pounds of upgrades on the rail lines to help make them better... is it working? No. Of course not! Then to add more mayhem, they're wanting to make more new lines - high speed ones at that. They're all going to travel from London and goto Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Cardiff and Penzance. These routes will be supposedly finished by 2025. I personally doubt that a lot! The repairs on the current... []

6th Jun 2008 06:56pm
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If you was minted... by minted I mean you have like 15 million pounds (30,000,000 USD) in your bank account... would you wipe your bottom with fivers or tens?? I would.

3rd Jun 2008 12:24am
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For some unknown reason My Family isn't available this week (well last weeks episode) on the BBC iPlayer. Not sure why... but I don't like it when they do that... I really do enjoy the program. Come on BBC get your arses into gear.

1st Jun 2008 05:17pm
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The 1st of June isn't the best day at the moment for fires. A datacentre in America had an explosion which knocked down 3 walls and caused a fire that has knocked out 9,000 servers (affecting 7,500 customers!!). Also Universal Studios is currently ablaze with the Sound Studio destroyed along with a couple of prop sets. Hopefully nothing else goes on fire.

1st Jun 2008 02:06am
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Happy Birthday Nan! Don't drink too much wine and no watching Armageddon :p

1st Jun 2008 02:02am
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Well it's officially the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season 2008 and Arthur is already awake and has made landfall at the top northern point of Belize. Currently Arthur is a Tropical Storm, soon to drop to a Tropical Depression but by Monday should re-strengthen to a Tropical Storm... as for becoming a Hurricane... I doubt that alot.

1st Jun 2008 01:54am
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At 8.30pm yesterday evening over 2,000 people decided to spend the last few hours of the commuting day by having a good olde piss up on the Circle Line. Why? Well because now, well for the past (almost) 2 hours, it is illegal to have an open container with alcohol in it on the Underground (Underground, Buses, Overground Trains, DLR, basically any piece of public transport). This is mainly one of Boris Johnson's changes to London as Mayor that is visible. He believes it will cut down the amount of abuse and harassment the public transport staff get... though if... []

30th May 2008 04:27am
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Wow! That is how my name is wrote in Arabic. A member on DigitalPoint wrote it out for me... I think it looks cool... it's so simple, just دال.

28th May 2008 01:50am
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I love this time of year... as Tornadoes are going mental over in the American Tornado Alley, Gales, Rain and Thunder-n-Lightning here in this country and also the Hurricane Season starting this Sunday. It all seems so much fun!

26th May 2008 12:00pm
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Happy 1st Birthday me lil' munchkin. :) xxx

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