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Hmmm... it's really weird. For the past 6 months I have been constantly checking and modifying Sound Upload. Why? You may ask... well that's because every couple of days someone is hacking the site and adding a line within the code of the site, usually in the footer however I've noticed... at least today when I checked I found that it was within the coding and within the Quantcast code. So at the moment I am not trusting it, so I have removed the Quantcast code and I'm not trusting it at moment.

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I came across a site called JibJab where you can make your own little videos and I've gotta say the site is brilliant. Took a while to register though as they allow you to select United Kingdom as an area but when you enter a UK Post Code it moans and says it's invalid... after about 10 minutes it finally accepted it. Anyways, here's my creation... I think it's hillarious!

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Helen Willetts PregnantJust been watching BBC News Channel on the iPlayer Live and noticed that I think the weather lady Helen Willetts is pregnant... not too sure though, but here is a picture that shows some kind of bump. Now it's either a baby or she's on the pies.

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Yesterday was a brilliant day with it being Lewisham People's Day and also Lewisham Pride. The park was full of stalls (just like a summer fate) and music. Loads of people were performing and Jason Prince and Stephanie Starlett were hosting the evening. It was absolutely brilliant!! :)

Check out the pictures and videos on the Lewisham Pride 2008 page.

» Lewisham Pride 2008

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The first Hurricane of the Atlantic Hurricane Season is up and running. Hurricane Bertha is currently a Category 3 (which is the middle classification a hurricane can be (1 small, 5 huge)). I'm calling her Big Bertha because she has broke 3 records so far for... the most-eastern forming tropical storm forming at 22.4W, the most-eastern forming hurricane at 50.2W and the most-eastern forming pre-August major hurricane at 52.1W. Bertha is also the sixth strongest pre-August Atlantic storm since records began and is the third strongest storm in July (behind Dennis and Emily in 2005).

Luckily Bertha is not heading towards... [read more]

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Yesterday was London Pride 2008. Me, Martyn and Michael spent the day wondering the streets while drinking... watching all the floats in the parade and had a right load of fun! The weather was brilliant too with it staying hot all day long. The Tesco Metro in Central was packed so much that the staff were telling people to go away. Can't wait till next years...

» London Pride 2008

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For some reason my other main site Sound Upload keeps getting hi-jacked every few days by someone/something constantly putting random JavaScript bits of code in the footer of the index page or adding a META Refresh to a malware site. How they're doing it - I have no idea!! My host don't know either. If anyone has any knowledge on this please comment on this as it's starting to really piss me off. I even thought CHMOD'ing my files to 444 (0444 Unix) to see if that helped but it hasn't.

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Damn I am melting... it's like 27C here (81F for my Mom) ... also the UV Index is at 7!! (So strong sun rays today) ... though the dissapointing thing is that it is supposed to piss it down tommorow.

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Forget listening to the charts... all you need is the chart re-cap list on Sound Upload. I have been working my bollocks off try to get it to work correctly and now all I need to do is add 56 years of top 40 charts, which is 2,912 weeks!!

The latest week is updated around 7pm - 8pm and is available as soon as I have uploaded the content. Feel free to view todays chart positions and results.

» UK Top 40 Charts on Sound Upload
» [read more]

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Firefox 3 Certificate4 days ago Mozilla released a new version of it's highly successful web browser Firefox. To celebrate the launch, Mozilla contacted Guinness World Record's to see if they could start a new world record for the Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours. I contributed and so did Martyn and still at the time of posting this the record hasn't been verified just yet, but because it's a new record it's obviously broken. As a reward we have a certificate *woohoo*

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