26th Sep 2008 04:36pm
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So, I was on YouTube and typed in "dog barking", just to see how the dogs here react. A clip came up with a squeaky toy and the dogs shot up and ran to my laptop sniffing it. So I thought "ok, how about another clip". I ended up coming across this clip of a lad playing the piano and his dog singing.

Now, I've watched the clip 5 times now and I still cannot stop laughing when the dog starts "singing". Take a... []

26th Sep 2008 01:14am
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Microsoft Windows 7 CalculatorYes, you read the title correct, Windows 8 is defenately coming. How do I know? Well obviously browsing several sources online and also with proof of it, even though they're not commenting at the moment, is Microsoft themselves. They done exactly what Sony did a while back ... posted for a job on their site with information on what it's about. The Microsoft Job post on the Microsoft website read:

The core engine is also being reworked to provide dramatic performance
improvements. We will also soon be starting major improvements for
Windows 8... []
25th Sep 2008 09:57pm
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I'm a few days late posting this, but the newest version of dhGuestbook has been released. In this version a delete comment option has been added for the administrator. Upgrading is simple (replace 4 lines and add values for 2 lines) and installing it for the first time is really simple!

So if you're looking for a free PHP Guestbook (that uses a MySQL backend) then go and download it now. It's all free and if you need any help with it, then use the contact form and I'll help you. Many people around the... []

25th Sep 2008 09:51pm
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dhSpyWell I don't know if to be happy or what. I've just done a seach for dhSpy (to see if the name is unique) and on Google it showed all the free download websites that have the file on, however I found two results that were a bit, well, urgh. My program is on Warez sites (Warez sites are basically the dark side of the internet, the underworld, where you can download full programs and games, cracks and serial numbers illegally from home-based servers). Now considering anything on warez sites is usually commercial licensed stuff and costs... []

25th Sep 2008 09:26pm
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Servage Stats for Sound UploadWow... just logged into my Servage account (my host for Sound Upload) and checked Sound Upload's visitor stats for the last 7 days and as of about 9pm (BST [GMT+1]) there were this. Impressive? I'm liking it, though it would be nice to have them figures making me more money on Google AdSense than they currently do. I mean, I get a payment every month now - guaranteed - from Google, but having a lot more money would be even better. Also a thing that is worrying me, is that Servage only allow... []

23rd Sep 2008 08:56pm
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Them teaching adverts really, as Peter Griffin would say, grind my gears! Why? Well they show the teachers giving fun lessons with classes about the solar system being done outside the classroom. Balls!! It's not done outside the classroom... I remember it being "look at the textbook, page 24, read it and right up notes about it". I think the only practical lesson I did was using a bunsen burner and putting something on it. Oh and something we all went outside for was when the teacher put, I think, Potassium in a tub of water and it explodes in... []

22nd Sep 2008 09:44am
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Well goodbye Summer (like we had any anyway... pfftt!!) and hello Autumn. Now we start getting that cold crisp fresh air first thing in the morning that wakes you up!

20th Sep 2008 10:38pm
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Apologies for the downtime. Basically my host (Crucial) have had to perform emergency maintenance after a disk drive failure on 10 servers. The servers were checked over with all the bad sectors sorted out too. To put the size of it into perspective, it takes 3 hours to scan 12% of the server. The site is fully back up now though.

17th Sep 2008 10:21pm
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Simply Put. Wankers.

For some reason someone who has an email account ending in verizonmail.com has hijacked and taken over my email account. Blocking my access to it and now I cannot even reset the password because this dickhead has changed the backup email address. So please do not contact me through the contact form or send an email to me as I cannot read or reply to it.

I am trying my hardest to go through everything linked with my email address (PayPal, dalehay.com, Sound Upload, TLA, TNX, etc...)

Update: Also my Servage hosting account (that holds Sound Upload) has been hijacked... []

12th Sep 2008 06:12pm
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The Queen's MySpace

The Queen is know to be in-with-technology as she regularly sends text messages on her mobile phone and listens to music on her iPod and even has her own YouTube account (setup by Google). However next month she is due to goto Google's Headquarters and meet the team as she has now became hooked on the internet. The Sun newspaper has got a brilliant mock up of what her "MySpace" page would look like if she set one up.

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