22nd Feb 2009 07:40pm
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Below you will find an example of one of the new things available in CSS3 (If you do not see them correctly then this is because your browser either A) Sucks or B) Hasn't got CCS3 support yet)

Supported Browsers
- Google Chrome (Tested using

Multiple Backgrounds
Originally CSS1 and CSS2 only allowed you to have one background per DIV, SPAN, etc... however now in CSS3 you can have more than one background. Just take a look at the example below... four background images!!

3rd Feb 2009 01:08am
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Well... what a day... thank you Eastern Europe for giving this to us. :) I ain't seen a snow fall like this in all my life! Finally! Though I would have had preferred this on Christmas Day.

Obviously loads of schools around the country were closed yesterday (Monday) and will be closed today (Tuesday) as a nice fresh band of snow is due to pass over the country. Obviously loads of extreme weather warnings are in force for the country.

I was shocked to hear too that this was the worst snow fall in 18 years, caused all the buses in London... []

19th Jan 2009 12:36am
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Oh look... the powers gone again. Not exactly the best time for it to do it, though the sky looks so clear and starry.

The not-so-wonders of digital phones mean that we can't phone anyone to report the power cut... however hopefully someone else does it. It's well weird walking in the street too... no street lights, no house lights... just pure darkness and a faint sound of someones house alarm.

Also it only seems to be this side of the town (again!) Why?!

Oh actually on calling the council line thingy they've said Atherstone, Mancetter, Merevale, Grendon and other surrounding areas are... []

17th Jan 2009 05:39am
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My goodness... ain't you getting old now mother... just remember that "Things to do before you're 40" list that you made years ago. He he. Happy Birthday Mom... love you loads. =]

Also yes... I will sing on the karaoke tonight ... :p

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16th Jan 2009 02:00am
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It's my Mother's Birthday on Saturday (So technically tomorrow) ... and I haven't got her anything ... not a present nor a card. One reason is because I never know what to buy her for her birthday and secondly is the fact I've only got 45p in my bank account... grrr... I hate that she has a birthday at this time of the month as I never have any money whats-so-ever. I'll just have to make her a card or something... makes me feel like a bad Son sometimes... hopefully she'll understand.

What do you lot do when you can't fund... []

7th Jan 2009 03:39pm
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Here is the new Shameless trailer if you haven't already seen it. :)

(Starts last week of January 2009!)

5th Jan 2009 02:22am
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Yay! Finally it's started snowing - yeah it's like after 2am but it has been kinda "trying" to snow most of the night but about 20 minutes ago, finally, it started to chuck it all down ... and in the good old? fashioned way of wanting to advertise your site... I did it. Doodle in the snow! =] Woohoo! I've done 3 of my website and also I've wrote "lamppost" next to a lamppost and also I've wrote "drain" next to a drain. Pretty funky! =]

Dale Hay Snow In Atherstone

24th Dec 2008 05:30pm
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I'd like to wish everyone a very happy and merry christmas for tomorrow. Hope you get what you want! I'll be bloging again from the 27th. Ciao!

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21st Dec 2008 08:24pm
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Right... Sound Upload is being slowly transferred as I still (luckily!) have access to the files and to the database. I've transferred over the database to the dalehay.me server however I do have a 100GB monthly bandwidth limit on it - which Sound Upload used to go through 50-60GB a day! So I will be needing to find a decent host (which will probably end up being a dedicated one - costing well over a hundred quid a month!!)

The lyrics section, shop and UK Charts sections are the only main places that are accessible at the moment.

17th Dec 2008 12:07am
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Oh my goodness... Sound Upload has been 100% removed by my (other) host. All 50,000+ files, 40,000+ lyrics, etc... all gone. eek!! Google payments will stop... TLA and TNX will too... shite, shite, shite!!

I've just got the message a few minutes ago... oh my goodness... bye Sound Upload.

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