24th Mar 2009 12:36am
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I have a huge fascination with the weather. Though what we get here in the United Kingdom is poo compared to the likes of the United States of America... with their 15+ inches of snow, deep freezes, massive heatwaves, hail stones the size of grapefruits, hurricanes, magnificent thunderstorms and lightning and of course tornadoes.

Not many people know though, the UK has more tornadoes than the USA - but that's only like that because that's measured by tornadoes by area. Though overall the USA have over 1,000 tornadoes a year! Ranging from just little funnels in the sky to full blown... []

23rd Mar 2009 11:52pm
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Microsoft Windows 7 has already been released as a Beta version recently and the Release Candidate version is rumoured to be due around May time. Now it doesn't seem all that long ago that I remember my Father showing me Microsoft Windows XP and I was well excited! The way the screen faded to grey when you clicked the Shut Down option. It was all amazing. Now we've had Windows XP, Windows Vista and coming soon Windows 7 - also with Microsoft Windows 8 in the pipeline - I thought I'd have a little trip down memory lane and have... []

23rd Mar 2009 11:49pm
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Ever sent an email and you've noticed that it was really bad and you wish you never sent it? Well the answer is here!

A clever Tokyo Google engineer named Yuzo Fujishima has come up with an option that you can enable within your Gmail account that allows you to "Undo" the sending of an email - just incase you've accidentally sent it with a subject line like "Your Momma Sucks!" just as a joke and then accidentally hit the Send button.

The way it works is simple... when enabled, every email you send through your Gmail account (I don't think this... []

23rd Mar 2009 10:47pm
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I got a tad bit bored today, so I decided to have a look around and see what free games people have been making on YoYo Games with the wonderful GameMaker software that Mark Overmars created and I ended up coming across a game called Gray and Green, so I thought "OK, I'll have a little go of it and see how good it is" - now this is mainly because the ratings for it were high. I downloaded it and played it and it is a pretty decent game.

The idea of... []

22nd Mar 2009 04:29pm
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Happy Mothers Day Mom!! Enjoy. =]

15th Mar 2009 05:06pm
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The results for the North Warwickshire (Atherstone Central) Local Election Results are as follows...

Candidate: Neil Adrian David Dirveiks
Votes: 320

Candidate: Gillian Doris Davis
Votes: 221

British National Party
Candidate: Matthew Mason
Votes: 186

Candidate: Raymond John Jarvis
Votes: 136

3 ballot papers were rejected due to "voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to".

? Source: North Warwickshire Borough Council

9th Mar 2009 05:02am
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Right, we all know (especially in the United Kingdom) that the United States of America ("USA") are outragious / random ... I mean, look at any TV show and the crowd goes wild over the slightest thing... you sneeze or say "Titty Tassles" and they're laughing into next week.

However from reading some news on the BBC News website (which I check at least about 5 times a day!) the not-so-wonderful Northern province of Korea (known to all as North Korea) has warned that if the USA or South Korea shoot down any of North Korea's satellites then it will start... []

3rd Mar 2009 07:47pm
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Well if you were lucky enough to get the news from Hard2Beat Records about Basshunter's "Secret Gig" (which obviously wasn't too secret) that was held at the Sheffield O2 Academy last month. It was a free gig, all you had to do was go there and show ID. I didn't go - was tempted though - however all those that went are in the music video.

The thing that has got me though, is that the video doesn't follow along with the current storyline of Lucas Thorheim, Aylar Lie and Jonas Altberg. However I'm not 100% sure if there is a... []

23rd Feb 2009 04:07pm
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Well Atherstone is already starting to prepare for the wonderful 800 year old tradition of it's Shrove Tuesday Ball Game.

So far Keri Anns, Lloyds TSB and Somerfield have already boarded up their fronts and the pubs are fairly empty as people are saving up for tomorrow.

So, what is this Ball Game you speak of Dale? Well to those people that don't know anything about it, let me give you an extract from the Atherstone Ball Game website about it.

The game begins at 3pm when the ball is thrown by a... []
22nd Feb 2009 07:40pm
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Below you will find an example of one of the new things available in CSS3 (If you do not see them correctly then this is because your browser either A) Sucks or B) Hasn't got CCS3 support yet)

Supported Browsers
- Google Chrome (Tested using

Multiple Backgrounds
Originally CSS1 and CSS2 only allowed you to have one background per DIV, SPAN, etc... however now in CSS3 you can have more than one background. Just take a look at the example below... four background images!!

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