19th Jan 2013 02:32am
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After some bollock-aching searching, I have finally came across a clean version of the music mix that was used for the London New Year Fireworks 2013 display.

Track List
Nero - Me And You
Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky
Take That - Shine
Simón Barrera - Wide Awake vs Paradise [Katy Perry & Coldplay]
Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think
Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom
Psy - Gangnam Style
Calvin Harris... []

18th Jan 2013 04:31pm
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We've been warned we would get snow and thankfully it has finally turned up... and not in a poxy way either. This time we've had (well it's still falling as I write this) we've had a fair amount of it. I've just been up the local golf course - where everyone goes when it snows because of the hills - and the snow up there is easily 7-8 inches in most places. Back down on normal level, it's currently around 4 inches and rising. I believe we're supposed to be having this snow pretty much non-stop for the next few... []

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15th Jan 2013 06:51pm
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Ooooo, I love a bit of controversy on the TV and/or Radio, but planned controversy?! Don't think I remember anything controversially planned since Jerry Springer: The Opera, though once again the BBC are back doing it - yay! This time, on the Radio-side of broadcasting. BBC Radio 4, will, on Monday 18th February at 11pm air the reading of a poem titled, "V" (which stands for versus) by Tony Harrison. This poem caused a fair amount of controversy when it was first published in Tony Harrison's Penguin Selected Poems in 1985, mainly because of the amount of obscene and offensive... []

15th Jan 2013 01:55pm
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For some reason this morning I actually awoke to my phone. Normally when I'm asleep, that's it, I'm out for the count and nothing will wake me - I did sleep through 3 smoke alarms going off the other day, didn't even flinch. So anyways, yes, my phone woke me up and it was a Private Number and normally I don't answer these, but I was kinda glad I did actually answer this call. It was the hospital, well more personally it was my surgeon's secretary calling to say that tomorrows operation has been post-poned because he is required to... []

10th Jan 2013 04:42pm
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Talk about an early trip... the roads were foggy as hell when we left at 8.40am to head to Birmingham Heartlands Hospital for my appointment - which thankfully it's just a straight road from Atherstone all the way there, so we got there in time. After walking about a mile to the Pre-Op assessment area (seriously, the hospital is huge!) I was immediately seen for a MRSA test (which just requires them to swab both your nostrils), then I was immediately sent for an XRay, which I did get lost - even with the help of a map (below), I... []

9th Jan 2013 02:36pm
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Well it's been 2 years, 4 months and 22 days - or 875 days or 125 weeks or 21,000 hours or 1,260,000 minutes or 75,600,000 seconds, however you want to put it, since I had the Nuss Procedure to have my chest corrected because of a birth deformality I had called Pectus Excavatum (where the chest wall goes inwards - NOT to be confused with Pectus Carinatum which is where the chest comes out and IS the one called Pigeon Chest). I was told a few months ago that the bar is ready to come out and that it'll be... []

9th Jan 2013 01:20pm
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Smashed Window

Just when you think you live in a nice quiet place, that (above) happens... but it's not the first thing to happen since we've moved around the corner and they ain't random attacks - well not that we know of anyways. It seems a possible person is to blame for this, which happened last night at 6.55pm and as you can see it was a poor throw as it only broke one pane of the double glazing. Besides this though, we've had the cars back window put through too a few weeks ago. Oh and to... []

7th Jan 2013 10:22pm
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Normally the world's eyes are always on Sydney, Australia's fireworks when it comes to the New Year, however I believe the display from the Aussie's this year wasn't upto scratch. It was very "spaced out" and patchy and there wasn't so much of the iconic bridge being used either - though I did notice the beautiful golden waterfall effect, that was beautiful. However it seemed this years winner was without a doubt here on our home turf, London.

London 2013 New Year Fireworks - Duration: 11:52 - Size: 156MB

Besides... []

3rd Jan 2013 09:55am
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Employ Adam

During these economically shite times we're going through more and more people are finding it hard to get a job... that's not just the "lower educated" folk of the United Kingdom, but also the people that have experience. Finding work these days is a long, hard and grueling process... most people get work through "knowing people", so you'll find if a random "outcast" tries applying for a job who no one knows, then they'll more than likely not get accepted and their CV will be "filed" (shredded).

However one 24 year old, Adam Pacitti, has decided to... []

31st Dec 2012 08:22am
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My Life StoryYesterday I downloaded GameFools' PC Game My Life Story free from GiveAwayOfTheDay.com and decided to play it. It's one of those games that you get really addicted too, then you also notice the company then spawns loads with a similar type of game play. Well, I noticed online that some people were looking for a My Life Story cheats.

Now this game has been made - I'm guessing in Flash and after a quick five seconds of snooping, I came across the data files. They're NOT encrypted or compiled in anyway, they're... []

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