26th May 2013 01:43am
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Sky Android Apps HackedIt's only recently been reported by Sky, that a numerous amount of their Android apps have been hacked and replaced on the Google Play Store. As you can see from the screenshot to the side, it's a group calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army. At the time of writing this up the affected apps are Sky Go, Sky+, Sky WiFi and the Sky News app.

Sky's official support account (@SkyHelpTeam) has advised people who have these applications installed on their Android devices to uninstall them and they will... []

25th May 2013 07:23pm
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The Oracle 1Z1-028 (Database Cloud Administration Certification Beta) is a beta exam, and you should think about whether this is the right choice for your individual needs. They are quite difference from what the final exam will be because their purpose is to determine which questions will be used on the final exam. You are actively encouraged to offer comments on questions, but you should know that you should do that at the end of the test, since there are more questions on beta exams and you will not have as much time to answer them.

The good news is beta... []

24th May 2013 12:08am
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I always find pictures from years ago very interesting and like getting a feeling of how life used to be back in the day, but one thing that I do like too is when pictures are restored or brought more up to date (i.e; coloured in). Not more so than one that I found online earlier.

The picture, titled Wrong Turn: 1921 from the National Photo Company shows an old car that's broken. The original picture is in pretty much colourless as you can see below.

Wrong Turn: 1921

Now a member from Reddit who goes by... []

20th May 2013 10:39am
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I was randomly searching on Google Images for a picture earlier and casually saw a picture that was a badly photoshopped version of Boris Johnson's head on a females body - I believe it was something to do with the London Olympics last year.

It wasn't until I opened the image that I immediately collapsed on the floor with laughter!

Boris Johnson

The people who think this type of stuff up are stuff of legends!

20th May 2013 10:30am
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If you have read my previous post [Resurrecting ConvoWorld], you'll know that I've reopened a discussion board I had many years ago. Well to increase some activity over there, I have also decided to make and launch a free image hosting service. This isn't JUST for members of Talk Forums, it's available for anyone. The service is free to use and you can add as many images as you wish.

Once you land on the site, there's an upload box infront of you to which you can select which image you want to upload. Once you've selected... []

20th May 2013 06:21am
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Once again, it seems I've slightly neglected my blog. Don't worry though, I have just been busy working on my other sites, of which one of them is the resurrection of ConvoWorld. If you're a long-time follower of me and my slightly unsuccessful web project attempts then you'll remember ConvoWorld (or dalehay.com [when I had the .com] forum). It started out as a small forum with a handful of people and we became a nice little community - you could say, almost family-like. Though we grew up, I lost the site and everything just plummeted into darkness.

Luckily though, I did... []

9th May 2013 07:09pm
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Update: Post Updated 9th June 2013 08:09pm

Automated spam is wild now-a-days on the internet and if you run your own website, you'll know that there's many methods you can use when you encouter spam to deter it. However, one easy way I've found, which is VERY simple and easy to do is by creating a simple checkbox that if left unticked will tell your script that the person is not human and will not continue sending their message.

On your form

<input type="checkbox" name="notbot"> Tick this box to confirm you're not a bot.

On your script

... []
30th Apr 2013 01:48am
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A large police presence prevailed on Atherstone in the early hours of Tuesday 30th April 2013, around 12:35am (BST [GMT+1]). The noisy copper-chopper was around circling and pointing its light towards the canal area and adjacent streets for about 30 minutes, before turning off and flying away. Various other reports from social media websites have chucked up information of a huge amount of police officers and police dogs.

At the time of writing this, there's been (unconfirmed) 4 arrests after lads ran into some flats. The helicopter was able to locate them and the police officers have been bringing them out... []

26th Apr 2013 09:20am
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Better late than never, this week the Manday is Gary Beadle - or more commonly known to many people who watch pointless television, Gaz from Geordie Shore. (Anyone note the slight bulge in the first pic?)

Gary Beadle
Gary Beadle
Gary Beadle
Gary Beadle
Gary Beadle
Gary Beadle

18th Apr 2013 05:17am
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During the evening hours (8:50pm ET) of Wednesday 17th April, a huge explosion occured at The West Fertilizer Plant in West. (Located north of Waco in the state of Texas). The explosion ripped through the plant and sent a huge plume of smoke high into the air.

At the time of writing this, the local law enforcement have advised residents to evacuate - I believed mainly because of the risk of chemicals in the air, however news network KWKT are mentioning it's because of fears of a second explosion. There is currently a few reports that 60-70 people are dead, but... []

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