13th Jun 2013 07:00pm
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Film Industry Meltdown

I've just been reading this article (Steven Spielberg predicts 'meltdown' of film industry) on the BBC Newsbeat website, where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas say they predict a meltdown of the film industry as it's getting harder to get smaller films in to Hollywood as they're preferring big budget films.

Surely it'd be possible - some way or another - to come up with a "smaller" Hollywood... I don't mean like calling a place "Llywo" (sounds Welshlantic), but have a film industry just on smaller budget films that's as big as Hollywood. Get the... []

10th Jun 2013 07:12am
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To start the week off as todays Manday, we've got 22-year old French model, Romain Vennat - who became the next face of Abercrombie & Fitch back in 2011.

Romain Vennat
Romain Vennat
Romain Vennat
Romain Vennat
Romain Vennat
Romain Vennat
Romain Vennat
Romain Vennat
Romain Vennat

3rd Jun 2013 11:14pm
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YouTube Downloading A Page Called Frame

It seems a few people are experiencing a problem with YouTube, where in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it seems to keep downloading a file called "frame".

As Google doesn't seem to have sorted this problem - nor from what I can find out about it even addressed it - I have came across a cause and a solution for it. The solution will obviously have to be applied to both web browsers IF you're using both of them.

So, from what I can find out the cause of it is something to do... []

3rd Jun 2013 09:43pm
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About 25 minutes ago Twitter decided to not work (and still isn't at the time of posting this) - this is more than likely because they're fully applying that update I moaned about earlier throughout the site. Not sure why they need to take this much time as they've surely got test servers to put it on before making it live - luckily for me though, I was able to still use Twitter during these problems because I've obviously made myself a few Twitter-based web apps that process the stuff via Twitter's API (which was thankfully, untouched).

However, I also have... []

3rd Jun 2013 08:36pm
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Twitter Update

Twitter has decided to change the way tweets are shown on your feed and even though it's only been about an hour since I've started seeing this change, they're already frustrating and annoying me.

What they've done is made it so if anyone you follow replies to someone elses tweet that you follow, then it automatically bunches the replies together (then adds a little blue counter too if there's more). They styled the text of the replies to be about a pixel smaller than the normal font so there's not really much difference in the sizing -... []

3rd Jun 2013 08:58am
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This weeks Manday is of 22 year old English born, Swedish footballer - who is also a part-time construction worker AND publicly came out back in March 2011, Anton Hysén.

Anton Hysén
Anton Hysén
Anton Hysén
Anton Hysén
Anton Hysén

31st May 2013 11:05am
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It seems EA are allowing people with XBox360's to get free online game passes to a selection of games from the XBox Marketplace.

The current game passes in the list are:
» Bad Company 2 VIP
» Bulletstorm Online Pass
» Dragon Age: Origins - The Stone Prisoner
» Dragon Age 2: The Black Emporium
» Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass
» Mass Effect 2: Cerberus Network
» Medal of Honor Online Pass
» Skate 3:... []

27th May 2013 09:11am
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We've had a slight break from the Manday posts, but now they're back. And we return with 20 year old, English gymnast Max Whitlock (at the request of Talk Forums member, Marv).

Max Whitlock
Max Whitlock
Max Whitlock
Max Whitlock
Max Whitlock

27th May 2013 12:41am
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Is Caffeine Illegal Anywhere In The World?As part of a small bunch of random questions I think of in my little mind, this was one of them. I was wondering if Caffeine is actually illegal in any countries around the world. Now you might be just wondering, of course it isn't, but remember, the world is full of silly and strange laws and what-not, so sometimes you may be surprised what you find out.

However, at this current time, I'm happy to report that Caffeine is not illegal in any country around the world. But(!),... []

26th May 2013 01:43am
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Sky Android Apps HackedIt's only recently been reported by Sky, that a numerous amount of their Android apps have been hacked and replaced on the Google Play Store. As you can see from the screenshot to the side, it's a group calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army. At the time of writing this up the affected apps are Sky Go, Sky+, Sky WiFi and the Sky News app.

Sky's official support account (@SkyHelpTeam) has advised people who have these applications installed on their Android devices to uninstall them and they will... []

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