12th Nov 2005 05:00am
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Hmmm... sorry if I don't seem to update this alot, it's because I have other web sites to attend to. However i'm slowly getting on top of most of them (not literally) and completing them. Most of the sites will be able to sort themselves out, allowing me to spend more time elsewhere. Anywhos, on the 8th November, Miss Edith Bowman dedicated a song to me for being 18 on the 7th, which I was happy about. And thanks to the handful of people that found out this site gave them a pop-up, as I wouldn't have noticed due to... []
8th Nov 2005 05:00am
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What do i remember about yesterday?
Answer - nothing!
I remember being in a pub, getting talked to by various people and drinking carling. Then after a few pints I get brought a "green bomb" ... pretty much cained that. Then carried on drinking and chatting to the landlord's wife and son. Then anything after that i cannot remember, actualy i remember falling to the floor as soon as the fresh nighttime air hit me, but thats all. I know I was sick because while writing this i still have some sick lodged in my nostril. So anyways, i believe it was
... []
6th Nov 2005 05:00am
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How embarrassing! Who found this??
Dale (Aged 5)

Also listen out on BBC Radio 1 inbetween 8.30am - 8.40am tommorow, for a "hopeful" happy birthday off Chris Moyles.
28th Oct 2005 06:00am
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21st Oct 2005 06:00am
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Well it's coming upto half term at college, and well time has flew! I remember getting offered a 'you know what' on my second day here, and i've made loads of friends. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has been nice to me throughout this half term. And i'll see you all after half term!
8th Oct 2005 06:00am
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If you head over to the artwork section, you will find more pieces of artwork that I've created.
5th Oct 2005 06:00am
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coming soon to Dale Hay . com, a gossip section, where you will find all the decent juicy gossip from around north warwickshire and hinckley college. so if you've heard a decent rumour or a decent bit of gossip - i wanna hear from you! just use the contact form to send the information to me, cheers!
30th Sep 2005 06:00am
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i needed a laugh, so i've added a small jokes section, it only has a handful of jokes, but i'll obviously keep adding to them. so feel free to head over and read them.
29th Sep 2005 06:00am
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over the past 2 days dalehay.com was open but only a few selected people knew, however it's got a new style and now contains a few more worderful things, and all of it should be viewable as i have corrected the blog, so hopefully the college internet blocker doesn't block that page. enjoy viewing the site, and don't forget to check for updates! (oh and also spread the address around - please)

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