6th Feb 2014 07:49pm
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Channel 4 - Gay Mountain Promo

A few hours ago Channel 4 showed off on YouTube what their creative team, 4Creative, have got up to for the start of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. And being Channel 4 - notable for many years of LGBT related programmes - they decided to go gay with their promo.

The 90-second promo which will air on Channel 4, E4, More4 and 4Seven tomorrow (Friday) at 7pm, then at 9pm and 10:30pm tomorrow night on Channel 4 features a "bear" singing a very camp song, Gay Mountain. After watching this... []

2nd Feb 2014 07:00pm
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Below is the list of Top 40 UK Chart Singles announced Sunday 2nd February 2014.

1) Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)
2) will.i.am - Feelin' Myself (feat. Miley Cyrus, French Montana & Wiz Khalifa)
3) Pharrell Williams - Happy
4) Gorgon City & MNEK - Ready For Your Love
5) Katy B - Crying For No Reason
6) Pitbull - Timber (feat. Ke$ha)
7) Neon Jungle - Braveheart
8) Avicii - Hey Brother
9) Beyoncé - Drunk In Love (feat. JAY Z)
10) Jason Derulo - Trumpets
11) OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself
12) The Vamps... []

26th Jan 2014 07:00pm
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Below is the list of Top 40 UK Chart Singles announced Sunday 26th January 2014.

1) Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)
2) Pharrell Williams - Happy
3) The Vamps - Wild Heart
4) Neon Jungle - Braveheart
5) Pitbull - Timber (feat. Ke$ha)
6) Avicii - Hey Brother
7) Jason Derulo - Trumpets
8) Fuse ODG - Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad)
9) Matrix & Futurebound - Control (feat. Max Marshall)
10) Vance Joy - Riptide
11) Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You
12) Beyoncé - Drunk In Love (feat. JAY Z)
13) ... []

25th Jan 2014 12:25am
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Before I start, I am hoping that you A) have downloaded Icecast 2 and B) have some software installed that is compatible with Icecast 2 (Like SAMBroadcaster, etc..).


Right, first extract the icecast download and put it somewhere easy to navigate to (I put mine on the root of my C drive). Now navigate to "/icecast/etc/"

There will be a file in there called "icecast.xml". Open that with Notepad and scroll down just a tiny bit and you'll see an "<authentication>" section. You will need to change the passwords here (default: hackme) that I've highlighted, change them to something that'll... []

24th Jan 2014 08:27pm
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dhIMG tumblrdhIMG tumblr is a free program that works on pretty much any computer running Microsoft Windows and allows you to download the images from a tumblr page easily. This tool can be extremely handy if you are wanting to backup your tumblr profile and don't wish to save every image manually.


- Small program size
- Standalone application (no need to install)
- Quick downloading of tumblr images
- Always the highest quality picture downloaded
- Set where your downloads goto

What's New in 1.1?

- No "freezing" when fetching... []

24th Jan 2014 05:28pm
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Beliebers Are Retards

Ok, so as you obviously will have known the little Canadian scrote, Justin Bieber, got arrested the other day for driving under the influence and rightly so. It's a criminal offence. Simple as. Then Miami Police Department released his mugshot for the world to see and the little shit is smiling on it - smug. Now whilst this was all in the news and what not the Twittersphere decided to erupt with various hashtags splashing around and before long, the worldwide trends were mainly dominated by Bieber related trends, like #JustinBieber, DUI, #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin and #FreeBieber.... []

24th Jan 2014 01:00am
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Take a look at this picture I took yesterday and tell me if you can see any text wrote on it?

Photoshop: Secret Hidden Text In An Image

Unless you've got the eye of a hawk, then the answer will probably be no. However there *is* text on there. And I'll also tell you how to achieve this quick and simple way, which you could use if you create images yourself and don't want others taking credit for them - without having to plaster your image with visible text.

Step 1
Ok, so you'll need an image, I will use... []

20th Jan 2014 08:00am
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Look what's returned again for 2014! And as usual, if you have any suggestions for some possible future Manday posts, contact me.

So we start this years first Manday with 20 year old Belgian footballer, Thorgan Hazard.

Thorgan Hazard
Thorgan Hazard
Thorgan Hazard
Thorgan Hazard
Thorgan Hazard
Thorgan Hazard
Thorgan Hazard
Thorgan Hazard
Thorgan Hazard

19th Jan 2014 07:00pm
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Below is the list of Top 40 UK Chart Singles announced Sunday 19th January 2014.

1) Pharrell Williams - Happy
2) Pitbull - Timber (feat. Ke$ha)
3) Avicii - Hey Brother
4) Jason Derulo - Trumpets
5) Elyar Fox - Do It All Over Again
6) Fuse ODG - Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad)
7) Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You
8) Matrix & Futurebound - Control (feat. Max Marshall)
9) Eminem - The Monster (feat. Rihanna)
10) Sub Focus - Turn Back Time
11) Shakira - Can't Remember To Forget You (feat. Rihanna)
12) Beyoncé... []

17th Jan 2014 03:23am
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So not only this week have I said goodbye to a 7 year old friend, Google Chrome, but now I have officially said goodbye to a longer - 13 year old - friend, Windows XP.

Yes, I have finally took the jump and moved away from XP, well on my main laptop that is. My computer still happily runs Windows 2000 (NOT Windows ME - don't get confused, one's good one shite) and my other 3 laptops run Windows XP too.

So why did I change? Well I do love XP and without a doubt, it was the best... []

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