23rd Feb 2006 05:00am
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Oh I love shopping... check this out... he he... me and my mate (a.k.a Fag n Tart)
Fag n Tart


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23rd Feb 2006 17:29

Pretty Picture!!

I think there should be a news story of the first member to reach 1000 posts myself.... hehe!!
By Jonny

23rd Feb 2006 18:12

keepin it gangsta man innit
By Marv

23rd Feb 2006 18:15

Indeed I am :D He he!
By Dale Hay

23rd Feb 2006 19:30

Dale mate, u look gayer.:D

24th Feb 2006 11:16

take that fuckin pic of me off now u bitch :D
By kirsty c

24th Feb 2006 18:25

Oooooo Kirsty C - dont be like that - u pretty... hehe!! Tho Dale is slightly better! lol!!
By Jonny

28th Feb 2006 12:15

ohhyaaa that emma looks pretty fine ;) get her number 4 me then we can go 2 the stables and muck out like horses
By boris

28th Feb 2006 12:17

ps who is that sexy minx next 2 kirsty c in that pic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
By boris

28th Feb 2006 18:09

That 'sexy minx' is Chantelle :D He he
By Dale Hay

28th Feb 2006 19:24

You call ur phone Chantelle??????
By Jonny

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