10th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well this afternoon was exciting. Well for some of us... because there was a "bomb scare"... well someone had left a "suspicious" package on my floor, and immediately the teachers all thought the worst, so the floor was cut off for a while as Health and Safety moved in on the bag and safely took care of it.... I feel sorry for the persons whose bag it is. Anyways, I couldn't miss this opportunity to take a picture of the "package" (the suspicious one).
Suspicious Package


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10th Feb 2006 18:48

ooooo, sounds fun :D

why doesnt anything exciting like this ever happen at my college :(
By Marv

10th Feb 2006 20:09

That once happened at MacDonalds when I was there... I was well scared (I was only 7!) and my Happy Meal made a re-apperance!!
By Jonny

13th Feb 2006 19:35

Mmmm McDonalds, can't wait till Thursday, I might have one then. :D Yummy Yummy!! :D

Also hopefully something more exciting happens after Half Term in college!
By Dale Hay

13th Feb 2006 23:15

cool logo on site :D

love my pda and wi-fi

be my valentines ;)

no need to post

will see u soon night x
By peter

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