24th Jan 2006 05:00am
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Ok, this has really got on my nerves now. Idiots that keep posting useless crap on the comment system - STOP IT!
Because of this, I have now resulted in plans to change it so I have to verify every comment that is posted. These changes will happen tonight and take force from 12am GMT!


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24th Jan 2006 22:36

The comment verification system has been enabled. All comments MUST be checked first by me, before being posted. :)
By Dale Hay

25th Jan 2006 20:05

Is it working ?

Or did you get bombed any way ?

By Pete

25th Jan 2006 22:16

The comment verification system IS working, however I haven't made it look good in my admin control panel. He he... I'll have to tidy it up in that, and then hopefully it'll look good. :)
By Dale Hay

25th Jan 2006 22:29

Your the man ! :D
By Pete

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