8th Jan 2006 05:00am
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I've created a new service that allows you to have a shorter domain (like a referring service). Say you have a web address like 'http://www.somewebsite.com/folder/users/username/page.htm' then you can use this system to create a shorter 'http://dalehay.me/*blah*' domain name. This service is free and there are no advertisements on it either!
Why not give it a go? Click the link below or get it in the menu.

» dalehay.com ShortUrl Service


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8th Jan 2006 10:43

There are a few problems around the site because of this feature. Like you cannot access the forums using 'http://forum.dalehay.com' you have to use 'http://forum.dalehay.com/index.php', so because of this i've made 'http://www.dalehay.com/forum' point there now.

Sorry about this complication!
By Dale Hay

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