29th Feb 2008 06:13pm
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For Martyn's Birthday present he got off his Aunt Sue two tickets to see Derren Brown live at Epsom Playhouse in Epsom. We went there on Wednesday and enjoyed the show alot! It was hilarious, amazing, weird and mind boggling.

It was Derren Brown's birthday too which made the ending trick amazing as the whole end of one of the rows of people in the audience all had to write down either a 3 or 4 digit number and add them all up together... the total was 27208, which is 27th February 2008 ... his birthday and also the number on his badge. A young lad (around 15-16) had a chance to pick either the box had ?500 or ?5,000 in it... obviously the lad said ?5,000 but the box had only ?500 in it, so the lad didn't win the money. A mobile phone conversation was also one trick... it was amazing as the two 3-digit numbers a member of the audience's friend mentioned over the phone matched the last 6 digits of the serial number on a real ten pound note - of which the audience member then won the ?10 note.

One memorable moment of the show was at the end of the first interval when Derren walks to the right side of the stage holding an easle yet appears in a gorilla costume on the left... it was totally amazing and the switch was done so quickly that you didn't know it happened. I would seriously defenately suggest you go see this show if you get a chance to get tickets as everywhere seems to now be near enough sold out.


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