12th Sep 2006 03:41pm
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Florence and Gordon,
Sitting in the sea.
Roaring like hurricanes,
Quite win-dy!

Very childish I know, but just an update (which I aint done for like days!) Tropical Storm Florence is now Hurricane Florence, and Tropical Depression 7 is now Tropical Storm Gordon. Florence has, as far as I know, passed Bermuda now and is heading out into the Atlanti again and just going to head towards the UK as a Tropical Storm. Gordon on the other hand seems to be a spawn off Florence, trailing a few hundred miles behind Florence. Gordon is predicted to become a hurricane by Wednesday and literally follow Florence's track north east up the Atlantic.

» Hurricane Florence
» Tropical Storm Gordon


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12th Sep 2006 12:24

I was confused by the headline....
By Jonny

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