21st Jul 2006 06:00am
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Ok, first of all I was going to be going back to college in September to do a drama course. Then I decided to change my mind and keep it quiet that I was actually coming back on the next IT course with all my buddies from this last year. However, I am now thinking of working... yes the big wide world. Which is why I am writing this. Just to update you that I might be moving away ... not to the next county but move about 100-odd miles away.
Possibly to Kingston in Greater London. There is a possible job down there for me plus accomodation too - so i'll be good for money and housing. It's a nice area and I think it'll be nice for me to get away and have my own freedom.

Note for old college buddies: It was brilliant seeing and meeting you all, you're all a great laugh and I hope to see you all again one day. :)

Right, that's my small ramble about that. Next, the comment system is back up so you can post. The arcade has been moved to a different site (I will release more details about that at a later date). Don't think there is anything else to update you on at the moment. :)

Oh and this moving to London thing might not happen - however it's just a possibly opportunity.


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21st Jul 2006 19:58

ooooooo lucky bugger! :]
By matt

21st Jul 2006 22:08

AAAAWWWW You're moving away? That's no good, you will have to try and get back up here for the investigations son. We need ya lol You're a proper good camera man!!! :D
By Biskit & Damo

22nd Jul 2006 15:21

hey dude well i hope everything goes well for ya the freedom should be good for ya stay in touch dude all the best
By erico

23rd Jul 2006 11:48

Dont go to London. Its smelly.
By Jonny

23rd Jul 2006 23:11

Sorry to see you go Dale but I wish you all the success regardless! :] / ;[
(Kinda mixed emotions!)
By Stuart

24th Jul 2006 00:21

everyone is going to london n that

so like dont go. ;]]
By matt

24th Jul 2006 20:33

Might do a poll....
By Jonny

26th Jul 2006 03:23

u and ur polls lol
By matt

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