19th May 2006 06:00am
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I've just added a HTML Help section on the site, which will hopefully start teaching some of you new MySpacers how to add some creative things to your profile.

» HTML Help


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23rd May 2006 16:36

well thats common sense html ;P
By matt

25th May 2006 23:52

You'll be suprised how many people don't actually know that though. It's more of a page for really really really beginnery people. :)

- Dale Hay
By Dale Hay

28th May 2006 14:13

yeah i guess but even still. :)
By matt

29th May 2006 23:30

It's only common sense once you know it... until then it's not. To many people, basic HTML tags will always be a mystery as todays modern auto-formatted RTF e-mail generation never have to know any of the underlying code -- even many forum boards provide web-based toolbars now.

In all honesty though, I can't see why MySpace can't just intergrate their own editor -- other sites like MSN Spaces, My Yahoo! and the My MSN pages all make editing simple (albeit not highly customisable).

Oh-well, even though you have to 'create' the page yourself, at least they don't charge for it as with FaceParty's "Cool Tools" -- I mean, wow -- the headings can be different colours and you can upload more images and even tile one as a background images, I mean wow. And all that for (only!) 24.95 per annum! How CAN you refuse?! ;)
By Stu

30th May 2006 00:14

i saw a squrirrel
By name

3rd Jun 2006 23:06

Lol, like we can't tell that's you Helen!! ;)
By Stuart

12th Jun 2006 16:11

I think the marquee tag, has got to be one of the worst tags ever. It's not part of the valid XHTML schema set out by W3C. It's only supported on some browsers.
and it looks naff.
By Tom

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