21st Apr 2006 06:00am
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Loads of people had the option to help Beta test Microsoft's product One Care Live. Now you would have thought that Microsoft would have had been kind and said "Thanks for trying this software out and reporting any bugs, here you go - have it for free", however nooooo they still want to scrownge money off us to use it to it's full potential. They're offering Beta testers the chance to buy it for $19.95 (for a years subscription) instead of the normal $49.95. I think that is skanky : If I had people Beta test my stuff I would reward them by giving them the software for free. Bloody Microsoft!

» Windows One Care Live


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22nd Apr 2006 03:09

haha I was thinking the same thing too.
By Davtra

23rd Apr 2006 02:59

That's why Linux pwnz all.
By Justin

27th Apr 2006 08:02

$19.95 vs $49.95, that's a 60% discount... Good luck trying to get that kind of deal on professional Linux server support. After all, we've been beta-test Linux for well over 30 years now :D
By Rim

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